Saturday, December 21, 2013

Autumn Leaves for Lunch!

"Leaf My Lunches Alone!" for the Toddler
Cheese crunchies, GF PBJ; organic raspberries, ground cherries, sugar snap peas
Thursday, 10/3/13 - Big Sister got a ghostly lunch, and I managed to make mini leaf cutter sandwiches out of the scraps and a single extra slice for Little Sis. I thought the heart cup placed upside-down looked kind of like an elm leaf.

The ground cherries are actually related to tomatillos, which are also related to tomatoes, and are part of the nightshade family. They came in our weekly farm share, as one of the bonuses we got to go u-pick each week. The Hubby and girls weren't big fans though, so Mama pretty much got to eat them all. They come in little papery husks, like tomatillos, but I husked them because you only pick the ones that fall to the ground, so they get dirty. And who wants dirt in their lunchbox?

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Enjoy Life trail mix, GF PBJ; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, tomatoes, apples
Tuesday, 10/8/13 - Since I only had it in me to make one Stinky Cheese Man lunch, Little Sis got leaf sandwiches made from bread scraps again.

Leftover Leaf-zza for the Toddler
Leftover GF Pizza Bites; organic mushrooms, yellow carrot, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, apples 
Monday, 11/4/13 - I found some fancy organic mushrooms marked down at the store, and decided to give them a try. I mean, they look soooo nice tucked into lunches, don't they? Too bad my little stinkers hate them.

My Pizza Bites idea can be found in the MOMables lunch menu subscription. I think. Eventually. Because it's genius! The mini leaf cutters were perfect for quick and easy Fall-themed lunches.

Leafy Kindergarten Lunch
GF chocolate chip cookie muffin, GF Pizza Bites; organic sugar snap peas, yellow carrot, mushrooms, apples
I had a boxed gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix that needed to get used up pronto, but I was just too lazy to spoon out a zillion little cookie plops. So I took a gamble and stuffed it all into an Autumn muffin pan instead. With mixed results. Cookie muffins turned out okay, concept-wise. The flaw was in the mix. Either it had already expired, or else it's a crappy brand. Needless to say, I won't chance using it again! (Sorry. Can't recall what brand it was. The company I thought made it doesn't seem to have a line of baking mixes...)

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