Monday, December 16, 2013

MOMables Monday - Lunchbox Crackers

I made these Gluten-Free "Lunchbox Crackers" for the MOMables blog, and they were a huge hit around here. Hee-uuuuuuge. While taking photos of them for MOMables, I had the camera in one hand and the toddler pinned down by the other. It was the only way to keep her grubby little paws out of the photos!

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Little E got a nice reward for her enforced obedience. Nom!

I did manage to hold a few back for this lunch though. Otherwise the girls would have gobbled the entire batch in one sitting.
GF homemade crackers, organic white cheddar, Naturebox Lemon Pucker Pistachios,
organic purple carrots, organic raspberries with Enjoy Life chocolate chunks
I packed this small lunch in a Lunchbots Duo but I used the purple lid from a different one. Because Z likes purple!

To make this simple lunch fun, I used a flower veggie cutter on some purple carrot coins, and a tiny heart cutter to make a little carrot heart. Yay! I remembered a heart!

And as always, the chocolate-stuffed raspberries were a big hit!

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