Sunday, December 15, 2013

Halloweeny and Simple Kindergarten Snacks

Two weeks worth of Kindergarten snacks. Minus all the days I forgot or didn't have enough time. Only a few of those... *cough*

Monday, 10/21/13
Gluten-free wafer cookies, organic apples

Wednesday, 10/23/13
Mini orange thing, lime tortilla chips

Thursday, 10/24/13
Organic popcorn, organic strawberries and freakishly huge grapes

Monday, 10/28/13
"Pumpkin brickle" and mini orange thing. Mandarin? Clementine? Cutie?
Just for fun, I wrote a message on Z's orange. For the past few months she's been insisting that her "real name" is Jewel. And she gets mad that the teachers won't call her by the right name. So this was a way to honor her desire to be called Jewel.

We got pumpkin brittle at the pumpkin patch gift shop. She calls it "pumpkin brickle." Teehee.

Tuesday, 10/29/13
Organic popcorn, organic apples with Sunbutter and sunflower seeds
This is my nut-free version of the scary apple mouth. Instead of peanut butter, I used sunflower seed butter. And instead of almond slivers or marshmallows, I stuck sunflower seeds into both halves. They make nice nubby crooked teeth, don't they?

Wednesday, 10/30/13
Organic sugar snap peas, grapes, and purple, orange and yellow carrots
The carrot feet were left over from her Frankenstein lunch and made for a nice Halloweeny touch.

Thursday, 10/31/13
Organic raspberries, Lundberg Rice Chips

Tools of the Trade
Microwavable Bento Box Lunch Box 3 Bear Frog Pig Container Panda   

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