Monday, December 23, 2013

MOMables Monday - DIY Hot Cocoa Mix

I killed two birds with one stone, and made this DIY Hot Cocoa Mix recipe post for MOMables, and then packaged some up to gift to our teachers!

One small jelly jar holds enough for two mugs of cocoa mix, and I tied on a cardboard tag with the instructions, and a dye-free candy cane. (TruJoy brand is available at Whole Foods and online at Natural Candy Store, and I found Sweet Nature brand at Safeway.)
I also put a layer of miniature Dandies marshmallows in the jar between the two servings of cocoa mix. Dye-free, and vegetarian too!
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Naturally it had to be taste-tested first... The girls were huge fans, and didn't even notice that I'd used dairy-free milk powder in the mix instead of cow milk! I actually used half soy milk powder and half vanilla-flavored rice powdered milk. Yum!
Both girls were enchanted with the "stir sticks" I'd added, from broken dye-free candy canes.

Be sure to head over to MOMables to get the recipe!

I had a little "helper" assisting in filling the gift jars and measuring out for our taste-test. We're lucky there was any left to use! Oy!

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  1. I love you. Thank you so much for not being "perfect". It is nice to see someone like me. :-)


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