Monday, December 2, 2013

MOMables Monday - Ghostly Alphaghettios!

These lunches were made before Halloween (obviously!) but the "main feature," so to speak, of Z's lunch is the Alphaghettios. I got the recipe in my MOMables subscription and made a few tweaks (it calls for a red bell pepper, but I learned from the last time I made this that none of us like it with the bell pepper flavor permeating the sauce.) The first time was before we were gluten-free, so alphabet noodles were easier to find. I finally found some gluten-free alphabet noodles and was ready to try this again.  It was a huge hit with both girls!

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Big Girl Ghosts
Organic mozarella, truffle, organic strawberries, GF Alphaghettios w/ dairy-free "mozzarella" ghost
I molded some mozzarella cheese stick in a ghost cake pop mold. You can find the instructions on how I did that here.

I kept some leftover Alphaghettios warm in a Thermos Funtainer Food Jar, and put a non-dairy cheese ghost on top, to melt. Non-dairy mostly because that was the only pre-sliced kind of cheese I had. Plus it melts nicely. And since I couldn't find my mini ghost cookie cutter, I used one side of the mold as a cutter for the sliced cheese. Boo-yaw!

Since I could count the tomato sauce in the pasta as her veggie, I used a smaller snack bento box to hold the cheese and truffle (made by Moonstruck Chocolates) and strawberries. I stuck in a ghost cupcake pick for fun.

Little Ghosts
Aged white cheddar, GF Glutino Vegetable Crackers; organic carrots, sugar snap peas, cabbage, apples, raspberries
I used the Halloween cake pop mold to cut the cheese for E too. (See what I did there?) Since it was a 4-year aged cheddar, it was quite crumbly and uncooperative. The scraps went in the square muffin cup, and some broken cracker bits went in another.

I took two pieces of cabbage leaf and used kitchen shears to hand-cut ghosts, to spookify the veggies.

To cut the faces in the ghost cheeses, cabbage, and apple slices, I used two different sized straws. Completely by accident, the straw openings smooshed and warped a bit, giving the holes wibbly shapes. Which actually looks spookier! I love it!

Tools of the Trade
    Japanese Microwavable 1 Tier Bento Box Lunch Box Oval Pink    Biting the Hand 

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