Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CuteZCute Kitties

Wednesday, 9/18/13 - I couldn't find the CuteZCute kitty face cutter part, so I had to improvise with nori. And oodles of fun picks!

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Lunch for Big Kitty
GF PB-honey, dye-free gummy fish, organic Ranch; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, strawberries
CuteZCute cutter for the head shape nori punch for the eyeswhiskers nori punch, and a kitty mouth nori punch. The ear triangles were hand-cut. For added cuteness, I put in a hat pick as well.

In keeping with the cat theme, I added a kitty head pick in the berries, and a heart pick because I love her.

And what do kitties love most? Fish! The fish pick in the veggies is discontinued, but there's a similar one here. And I added some dye-free gummy fish found at Whole Foods.

Lunch for Little Kitty
 Organic sugar snap peas, carrots, strawberries; GF PB-honey, dye-free gummy fish
Baby got an open-face version of the sandwich, since she's not a big bread eater. Not as many picks, but she did get a kitty fork pick to try out.

Tools of the Trade
   Bento Nori Cutter Seaweed Puncher 3 Design Deluxe Eyelash  Japanese Bento Decoration Seaweed Cutter Nori Puncher Wink Bento Nori Cutter Seaweed Puncher 3 Design Series 1  hat picks   Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Tree Bear Fish Pig 

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