Sunday, December 29, 2013

November 2013 Kindergarten (and Preschool!) Snacks

Dye-gluten-nut-peanut- and mostly-dairy-free snacks for Kindergarten 
(and one toddler preschool snack! Bonus!)

Monday, 11/4/13
Organic apples and grapes, Glutino pretzels
This snack is actually for E's preschool since it was my turn as Snack Parent for the co-op. We have quite the adventurous snacktime in this class, as there's E with an intolerance to gluten and lactose; another child allergic to peanuts, nuts, and eggs (it's a nut-free school, but they still have to watch out for "made in same facility as nuts" warnings;) another child allergic to strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, plus lactose intolerance. And the family eats paleo, so most of my gluten-free subs still aren't safe. Fun times!

Since the paleo child chooses to only eat fruits anyway, I made sure to bring non-berry options, and didn't worry about a grain-free "crunchy" option which would be rejected anyway. For the rest of the kids, I added Glutino pretzels. Gluten- and egg-free, plus made in a nut-free facility.

Lundberg Rice Chips,  lemon Oloves, organic strawberries
This was Z's Kindergarten snack while E and I were at preschool. I added a strawberry fork pick to help eat either the strawberries or the green olives in the EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper. Or both!

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Tuesday, 11/5/13
Toasted GF lime marmalade and butter sandwiches, organic apples

Friday, 11/8/16
Angie's Candy Corn popcorn, organic apples

Tuesday, 11/19/13
Pop'd Kerns and Naturebox Ranch Peas, organic grapes
Z hasn't been fond of grapes lately, but she saw these ginormous ones at the farm where we get our weekly CSA share and asked me to buy them, so I tried them out on her. They still went mostly uneaten.

Wednesday, 11/20/13
Glutino Peppermint Yogurt-covered Pretzels, organic sugar snap peas

Thursday, 11/21/13
Naturebox Ranch Peas, Angie's Candy Corn popcorn, organic carrots

Friday, 11/22/13
Organic carrots, Cosmos Creations Cinnamon Crunch

Monday, 11/25/13
Organic sugar snap peas, Glutino pretzel chips

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