Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy and Fun Fruity Classroom Snacks!

Tuesday, 6/4 and Wednesday, 6/5/13

Make Mine Music!
Organic strawberries, white cheddar corn puffs
This one was super easy! I just cut up a pound or so of strawberries and stuck enough music note picks in them so every kid could have one. Plus a few extras, so no one would be stuck with a color they hated. Hopefully.
For the "crunchy," I sent some Trader Joe's White Cheddar Puffs (just like Pirate's Booty.)

The kids got to keep the picks, to go with the snack bento gear they'd gotten to keep from my previous week as snack parent.

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Rainbow Connection
Organic strawberries-apricot-apple-green grapes-blueberries-red grapes, organic olive oil popcorn
This snack was harder to plan than to actually make. Although it takes up a lot of counter space, unless you want to do just one fruit at a time on all the skewers before going to the next fruit! I couldn't find any of my more colorful foil fringe food skewers, but Z loves the "gold" and black ones.

For the "crunchy," I sent some Trader Joe's organic popcorn with olive oil and salt. Yum!

*disclaimer - I conferred with the teachers in advance before sending picks and got their okay first, and made sure to give them a reminder warning each time!

Tools of the Trade
Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 16 pcs for Bento Box - Music Note Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 16 pcs for Bento Box - Music  


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