Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Classroom Snack - Healthy Easter Egg Hunt!

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Inspired by a few Easter egg lunches I saw various places online, I wanted to do something similar for my last day as snack parent at Z's afternoon preschool. The Mo Willems book-themed snacks and mini bento snacks had been such a hit, I wanted something equally fun.
The class happened to have a field trip to the library that day, to end their book-themed learning unit, but would be back to school in time for snack. Which was the perfect opportunity to hide the eggs!
school classroom home idea easy

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To make it easier for each child to just get one of each type of snack, I got different-looking Easter eggs for each item. My original plan had been to get pastel eggs for one food, bright-colored eggs for another, and jumbo eggs for a third. But when I went to Dollar Tree to stock up, they had super cute novelty shaped eggs! I just couldn't pass them up, even though they came in smaller package sizes.

I put the organic baby carrots into carrot-shaped eggs (the Trader Joe's ones were super skinny, so I was able to fit 5 inside each one. 7 or 8 assorted grapes went into each jumbo Easter egg. And then 5 Annie's Gluten-Free Cocoa and Vanilla Bunny Cookies into each bunny face egg. 5 cookies may seem a bit stingy, but I didn't know how many were in the box, and I didn't want to have to pop open each one to add more in later. And why shove more cookies at them if they'd be happy with just 5? Don't worry. I sent the rest of the bag too. Which didn't come home...

I didn't get to be there for snack, since there are no siblings allowed at school, and it wasn't worth finding a sitter for.

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  1. Cute and so much fun! I love the carrots in the carrots!

  2. Another awesome, healthy and cute idea and I have to remember to do this next year!


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