Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top Five - March 2012

Top 5 Posts:
In which I accidentally write The Blog Post That Ate Cincinnati! Holy pageviews, Batman! In the first few hours after I posted this, thanks to my blogger Mama friends and Pinterest, this became my #1 viewed post of all time. By a huge margin!
Oh yes, and I got to create a yummy and healthier treat, free of artificial colors and most (if not all) allergens. 

In which I post a round-up of Seuss-themed meals, and link to a Blog Hop with other bloggess' Seuss-themed posts.

In which I make St. Patrick's-themed lunches and link to a themed Blog Hop. And counting the sandwich where I got my inspiration and the other two leprechaun-face sammies in the hop, mine actually holds its own! Equally cute, if you will. Yay me!

4. Pirate Sisters

In which I make Z her first "Big Sister"-themed bento. Yarrr!

In which I spend less than $10 for 2 very kid-friendly crafts. Two years ago!
I did something right, back when I was a [more] ignorant newbie blogger, since this old post (from 2010) gets a lot of extra traffic this time of year. And my top search results list is full of variations of the title (cheap/easy/simple, St. Patty's/St. Patricks, craft etc.)

Top 5 Referring URLs:

2. Bento Blog Network Woot!

3. EasyLunchboxes' "Blogroll" (usually one of my top 5 referrers! Thanks Kelly!)

4. Family Fresh Cooking's Project Lunch Box post. That I linked to last September!

Top 5 Referring Sites:
1. Pinterest
Not a surprise. My gummies post has had hundreds of pins so far!
5. BentOnBetterLunches (thanks Cristi!)

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