Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Happens in Vegas... Fits in an EasyLunchbox

Inspired by Sarah from Bentoriffic, who took a picture of her EasyLunchbox on a beach at sunset, some of the other bloggers in our Facebook group started taking pictures of their EasyLunchboxes in backyards and around town as well.
So I sent one of mine off with my husband while he was in Vegas for a week. Teehee.

Let's see what my EasyLunchbox got up to...

Arrived in Vegas. What a lovely sight!

In the casino. Ding ding ding! 

Check out the nightlife.
Ooo! Fire! ELB's are microwave-safe, but not fireproof!

  Ahhh. Water show. Much better.

Maybe some magic? Hope the tigers aren't hungry...

Walking the strip, enjoying the sights.

Stumbling drunkenly back to the hotel... Notice ELB's got his lid on backwards? Tsk tsk!

No worries. ELB arrived safely back home. So did Hubby.


  1. hahaha! love that you made a whole post about it :)

  2. Hilarious. Did you photoshop this, or did he genuinely carry it around with him? I would really really love to think it was the latter... if so, 10 points for him!

  3. He totally carried it around. He's a game designer at a game designer convention, so I told him he could keep his dice and demo decks in it :) But he said he hardly got any funny looks. This WAS Vegas, after all!
    Plus he owed me for abandoning us for 3 extra days after the convention to socialize with some friends who were going to be there too. Luckily he had fun with it. I got this weird text, "How do I hold it?" and I could only think naughty thoughts. So I texted him back, "How should I know? You've had it literally since you were born! Figure it out!"
    But that's why the one shot has the lid facing the wrong way. He hedged his bets and took pics both ways, not knowing which way I wanted it "facing!"

  4. I love this soooooo much!!! He was such a good sport about this!

  5. That tiger look like it's ready to take a bite out of poor Mr. Lunchbox! This is SO FABULOUS. I think all husbands should take their wives' fave kitchen tools to Vegas. It's a great way to keep tabs on them. The husbands, that is ;)


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