Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring-y Lunches

Tuesday, 3/20/12 - I packed lunches in our EasyLunchboxes the night before to go to a MOMS Club thing in the morning before preschool, but we ended up not being up and ready in time. So we ate these at home.
Her lunch: Sweet potato chips, snap peas and carrots, string cheese nibblets,
strawberries, mini pita pocket w/ Nutella and PB, home-made gummy

My lunch is nut-free. Spinach salad with alfalfa sprouts, carrot flowers, raisin assortment (from the bulk section at Winco,) and dried blueberries. Russian dressing in the Smidget. Broken Trader Joe's CheeseSticks in the smaller compartment to stay crunchy, and chocolate chip Ants on a Log with SunButter and celery.

 Allergy-Free Vintage Cookery


  1. Very springy looking and I love your home-made gummy as well as the cute butterfly silicone mold :-)

  2. I love how the simplest of things makes something so much cuter! I love your carrot flowers! :)

  3. you definitely have more patience than me to make such cute little shapes...I think my kids would love me if I managed to make their food LOOk so darn cute! Thanks for sharing at Allergy Free Wednesdays this week! Don't forget to link back to the party for a chance at being highlighted!


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