Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bookery Cookery

Because of my shameless begging love for her product, I was invited by the very fabulous and talented Kelly Lester, momtrepreneur, actress, and creator of Easylunchboxes to be a part of her Trader Joe's EasyLunchboxes cookbook!
Trader Joes Easy Lunchboxes Cookbook Mock-up
But since she needed actual recipes for her book, I had to actually... cook. Since apparently I can't just pull a recipe out of my butt without at least seeing if it was edible first.
So there was a week or so there in March where my posts were few and far between because I waited until the last minute was spending all my free time destroying food trying things and typing them up.
Since any titles and recipes that get printed belong to Kelly forever, and I don't want to get my buns sued off (I need my moneys for more bento gear college for the girls!) I shall just show you photos of some of my experiments.

Note the extensive use of cooked dough. I should buy stock in Pillsbury!
Some of these were submitted. Some were failed experiments that were not. Some may be accepted for publication. Some might be sent back home, where I can then post about them to my heart's content!
And some were gobbled down before I could remember to take a photo.


  1. Yum! Can't wait to see what went into the book.

  2. You ROCK Ms. Kendra Peterson. That's why you're gonna be in my book. My faves are actually the ones you pull out of your butt by the way. Best with a glass of chianti of course.


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