Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mice Are Nice/If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Tuesday, 2/28/12 - The theme for February at her drop-off preschool was Mice. I managed to weasel out of doing a mouse one mainly by filling up on relatively simple Valentines/hearts-themed lunches. But for the last day of school in February, I had no excuse! Especially when she chose Mice Are Nice and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as her bedtime stories the night before!
No lunch for me (and no pics of her eating it in the car,) since Hubby was home that day so he dropped her off at school while I stayed home and ate bonbons fed the baby. But since I got my energy back after the leech baby was born, Z has been given lunch in the car three to four days a week, and been offered the leftovers on the drive home, and sometimes again after an after-school activity. So now she's conditioned to ask for her "beautiful lunch" whenever she gets in the car. And I happened to have time to make her one the night before.
In one of our EasyLunchboxes.
If You Give Nice Mice a Cookie
PB/Nutella and PB/Biscoff sandwiches, Thin Mint cookie, Gouda wedge,
Greek salad, apples
Mice Are Nice: I made 3 sandwiches using my Mickey Mouse cutter. I cut the bread separately first, then spread peanut butter and Nutella ("peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches") on two of them, and put candy eyes and nose on the one with peanut butter and Biscoff ("cookie spread.")

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: It's Girl Scout cookie season, so my dealer friend's kid got us hooked up with our favorites. My favorite are those lemon-creme sandwich cookies, which weren't available this year. So I tried the new lemon ones. Yummy, but I'm a sucker for frosting, so hands down I refer the sandwich ones. Hubby chose the peanut butter ones. The sandwich ones, not the ones with chocolate. Freak. Z's chose a box of Thin Mints. Plus a box for the troops, dealer's choice!

Life is Gouda: My husband loves smoked Gouda. Loves loves loves it. Me, I could do without. But then again, I tend not to be adventurous with cheese. Feta tastes like sweaty armpits. And even Colby Jack tastes rancid to me sometimes, even when it's brand new. I'm a mozzarella girl. But not that weird moist balls kind. The string cheese kind! I'll settle for Colby Jack as well sometimes, especially cooked, like in toasted cheese sandwiches!
Anyway, since Hubby loves smoked Gouda, he sometimes buys it. And feeds it to the Podling. So now she likes it too. And since we had a brand new round of Gouda, it was perfect for cutting a stereotypical wedge-shaped hunk out of for her lunch.

It's All Greek to Me!: We got a big bag of leftover Greek salad from Unka Chris' party at Gramma Barp's house the weekend before. My husband went through a Greek salad phase not too long ago, and she was digging on the "lettuce chips" and hunks of Feta cheese, and, of course, the olives! So I figured I'd use some of the salad up before it went bad and re-introduce it to her at the same time.

First thing she did was omnomnom the cheese. She ate both of the peanut-butter-chocolate sandwiches, and the sandy eyes and mouth off the Biscoff one, to my surprise. She didn't eat it after school either, and let me have it at bedtime when it was clear she wouldn't be eating it. She ate the cookie (not a shocker) and half the salad. Can't remember if she ate any apples, or if that was all me.


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