Friday, March 16, 2012

Tweet Treat

Wednesday, 3/7/12 - Lunch for before preschool, between preschool and swim class, and after swim.
PBHoney tree w/strawberry and cheese accents, cotton candy "cloud,"
string cheese "eggs," raspberries, carrot shreds "nest" w/grape "eggs"
Tweet Tweet: I used a biscuit cutter to cut out two circles of bread for the tree (one slice from the heel, turned brown-side-in to camouflage it!) and cut a heel scrap into a trunk. I used a teeny circle cutter from a bento cutter set to make little "apples" from a thin strawberry slice, and used a bird cutter from the same set to make birds out of a slice of American cheese (mostly because they were pre-sliced and I was in a hurry. Otherwise I hate using "plastic cheese.") I used a toothpick to poke out eye holes.

Treat Treat: I had a bag of cotton candy that I had bought originally to make Truffula trees for Seuss week, but that never happened. So instead I used a bit to make a fluffy cloud! (And ziplocked the rest up to keep it dry so it won't crystallize. Maybe I can use it again...)

My Nest is Best: I had saved the carrot shreds from when I made a bunch of carrot flowers for preschool snack. The cheese nibblets are in an airplane cup, also left over from our snack day.
 She ate everything but the "nest." And she ate at least some of the carrot shreds!

A Red-Lettuce Day
My lunch: Green and red lettuce salad w/carrots, pretzels,
Goldfish crackers, and Russian dressing; Special K crackers,
string cheese nibblets, mandarin oranges 
Since it was Parent Ed day at the co-op preschool, I packed myself a lunch to eat while there. The cheese nibblets are in a vehicles bento cup only because it was left over from snack day.
Since the Goldfish crackers with Russian dressing were such a win on a previous spinach salad, I thought I'd test out pretzel bits too. Meh. The cheesy zest of the Goldfish is far superior.
As an added bonus: here's what they did that day as part of their transportation-theme month - a "drive-in" movie! They had decorated their "cars" the previous class day with paint, personalized licence plates, construction paper wheels, and paper plate "steering wheels" on brads so they'd really turn!

Both lunches in our EasyLunchboxes
animal cuttersvehicle cups 


  1. Great lunch! I love the idea of using the heel of the bread.

  2. Very cute and perfect for spring! Our early spring birds are back!

  3. I love the tree and the way you made the tree trunk, very cute:)

  4. Such a cute idea. I love little birds in the trees. I have done a few "fun with food" days with my kids, and they love it. Thanks for helping me be inspired by your creativity. Jodi @


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