Monday, March 12, 2012

Leapin' Leprechauns! St. Patrick's Day Bento Hop

Fair greetings, me lads and lassies! 
'Tis time to look 'round here!
I ken this might take yer fancy,
Then hop on for more Irish cheer!
Lassie's lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich w/carrot and spinach details,
yogurt pretzel w/white chocolate shamrock, candy-coated sunflower seeds,
sugar snap peas w/carrot flowers, strawberries w/grapes
Since I wasn't going to be boiling any cabbage, or making Bangers and Mash or Haggis, I decided to go for an orange-white-green theme - the colors of the Irish flag.
Glasraí: (Vegetables) Since she has slowed down on her spinach consumption, I figured I'd change things up a bit and try the sugar snap peas again. Plus some carrot flowers for color.
Torthaí: (Fruit) I know the strawberries aren't technically orange. But they were left uneaten from the previous day's lunch, so I may as well use them! Plus green grapes.

Taste the Rainbow: I've been sitting on these chocolate-covered sunflower seeds for a while. Perfect! I put them in an ultra-mini silicone heart chocolates mold that I found at a kitchen store. Not finding them online though...

Paddy O'Sandwich: I got the Leprechaun sandwich idea from Jill at Meet the Dubiens. I used a biscuit cutter on the ham and cheese sandwich. I cut the hat freehand out of spinach using my kitchen shears and propped it onto a sandwich scrap to hold it up. I used my V-blade to make carrot flowers and shreds for the hair and hat detail. Added some candy eyes and used a faces cutter on some spinach for the nose and mouth.

Sham-rockin'!: I stole borrowed the pretzel shamrock idea too. Basically I used yogurt-covered pretzels and melted white chocolate chip "glue" to make the shamrock, then I piped on some green frosting (you'd want to use royal icing, which hardens, if you were making a bunch. I just used a pre-made tube of green frosting) and sugar sprinkles.

Wee bairn (and Ma)'s lunch: Spinach and lettuce salad
w/sprouts, almonds, carrot flowers and assorted raisins. Dressing
cup, mini orange and kiwi chunks, ham and cheese sammie scraps
In our EasyLunchboxes. Salad fork from Dollar Tree. Dressing in Smidget container.

Now doesn't that get you in the mood for some St. Patrick's Day food fun? Well Follow the Rainbow and hop onward to check out what Lise at Veggie-Bento has created! And keep hopping through all the other fun St. Patty's/Irish-themed food inspirations, until you come back to me! Be sure to sprinkle some nice comments along the way.
And luck o' the Irish to ya!

    faces cutters


  1. Paddy O' Sandwich!! Lol!
    Love this Kendra! :)

  2. Nice job with the pretzel shamrock! For some reason I hear an "Argh!" at the end of your verse - I think that leprechaun is actually a pirate in disguise ;)

  3. I love your leprechaun idea - naturally ;) - and love the pretzel shamrock idea! Yum!

  4. Love the pretzel shamrock, awesome idea and the sami is too cute!

  5. what a cute leprechaun! great lunch!

  6. That has to be the cutest little leprechaun ever! Nice work lady!

  7. Your leprechaun made me laugh out loud, for reals. I also love the pretzels!

  8. I love the leprechaun! You did an excellent job :D

  9. Love the friendly little leprechaun with the red hair and the use of pretzels for the clover leaf!

  10. The leprechaun is adorable... I am also quite impressed by your use of "irish" language!! You are so creative :) Thanks for linking up to Food Adventure Friday (a new link up starts tomorrow morning!)

  11. This is so cute! LOVe the leprechaun!! And the dipped pretzels - YUM!!! I am featuring this on Friday at TGIF =-) Thanks for sharing it; feel free to grab an I was featured button any time you want! Hope to see you again on Friday!!
    Beth =-)

  12. I had to pin this! The leprechaun is too much! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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