Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Cat In the Hat Strikes Back!

I was already planning to do at least one Seuss-themed lunch this week, both to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2, but also because some of my bento blogger friends are doing a Seuss-themed Blog Hop in honor of his birthday. So be on the lookout this Friday!
As luck would have it, while I was feeding Baby E and brainstorming ideas, Little Z picked out The Cat in the Hat Comes Back as one of her bedtime stories for Daddy to read to her. So I listened in a bit to get inspiration...
The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back!
PB-Nutella "cat" pocket, strawberry-banana skewer "hat," goldfish on bean
sprouts, flavored Greek yogurt "stained snow" with VOOM cookies
I got the idea for the cat sandwich and the banana-strawberry skewer from Muffin Tin Mom, and made up the rest as I went along.
I don't know if the kids' goldfish is actually in this book, but he was in the first book, and I couldn't think of how else to incorporate veggies. So there you go. Goldfish cracker on bean sprouts.

For the "pink snow," I added unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid powder to some honey-flavored Greek yogurt to make it pink and give it some flavor. And since the cats clean up the snow using VOOM, I used some alphabet cookies from Albertson's to spell it out.

My favorite element is the sandwich. I used my Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal to make her "chocolate-peanut-butter" sandwich (PB and Nutella) into a round pocket, then used a variety of bento cutters to make the face out of a purple cabbage leaf. I used a triangle and a bird foot cutter from an animals set for the ears and whiskers, and various parts from a faces set for the eyes and mouth

My Purple Lunch
My lunch: Spinach salad w/almonds, purple cabbage and raisins, purple
raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Purple blood orange. Purple grape jelly
PBJ pinwheels
Just for kicks, since I was putting the cabbage scraps in my salad anyway, I decided to go for a purple foods theme. Not as monochromatic as her Blurple lunch, but still fun!
Both lunches are in EasyLunchboxes
She ate practically the whole thing! Granted, it was less food than I normally include, but she usually only eats a little at a time. She nibbled a bit (the face, the cookies, and a few bean sprouts) before our preschool field trip, then ate the sandwich, half the fruit skewer, all the yogurt, and half the sprouts an hour later, when the field trip was over and we were headed off to a story and crafts time we usually can't go to due to school. Yowza!

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  1. I'm going to have to make one of those nutella cat pockets! Too cute!

  2. she looks so happy to get such a cute lunch


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