Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Checking Out the "Competition" - Bento for Kidlet

Jenn at Bento for Kidlet makes frickin' amazing meals for her son Kidlet... when she's not tricking me into introducing my preschooler to Charlie the Unicorn. [*facepalm*] Luckily Z thinks "kidney" is really "kitteny." Which is, in Z-speak, another word for a baby's stroller.

Jenn does amazing cheese drawings, like Om Nom in her Cut the Rope bento. Oh, and look. A checkerboard apple. Because, of course, everyone on the planet except me knows how to do them!
It isn't easy being green... with envy!

Her Angry Birds Attack! bento makes me want to cry. Or kill her and eat her heart to gain her powers...
It's a toss-up.

Check out her One Fish Two Fish Seuss lunch! Gah! Why can't you just toss in some Rainbow Goldfish, like everyone else?!

At least she posted a tutorial on how to make awesome drawings on cheese. Too bad she can't do a tutorial on how not to suck at it.

She also did some other helpful tutorials, in case you wanted to learn how to do an apple bunny, a funky banana wedge, a turtle shell apple, and the bento staple - checkerboard apple (finally!) Sadly, I can see about 1,001 ways I could would lop a finger off. I can't be trusted with sharp things.

You can experience raging bento envy check her out on her blog Bento for Kidlet, as well as Twitter, and Facebook!


  1. Yes Jenn is AMAZING truly, and you are brillantly witty I was laughing hard dispite my raging bento envy! Super post!

  2. Ha! I love everything about this post! You're both super talented and I giggled the whole way through! :)

  3. She is amazing and you are hilarious! I started laughing out loud and then had to go through and reread this whole post again to my husband so he could be in on it, and he laughed at all the same parts (that's why I love him).

    Thank you for giving me a chuckle today and sharing my Bento for Kidlet envy. whe should start a club.


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