Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Did It Myyyy Waaaay!

Saturday,  3/24/12 - After being gone almost an entire week (right after we got home from a four-day emergency stay in the hospital with Baby,) my husband had to go away for yet another weekend. So the girls and I schlepped up to Nana's for a day. Since I hadn't fed her lunch yet it's an hour drive, I suggested we pack a lunch for the ride. Princess SparklePants wanted to put the strawberries in herself, and wanted them to go in different places than I wanted. So I let her pack it her way. She even suggested all the foods herself!
Strawberries, spinach, purple carrot flowers and shreds, cheese shreds,
an apple slice
She had me cut the tops off the strawberries, and cut the carrots, but she did the rest. She even got the spoon and bear cup (from Sweet Treat Eats set) out of my bento supplies herself!
She didn't end up eating much of it. Just some berries and cheese shreds. And the apple slice. (She only wanted to pack one.) Once we got to Nana's she was too distracted with her cousin TayTay, who was also visiting.


  1. Aww but it's so great she wants to be involved AND knows to pack such yummy foods so young!! Good job mama!!

  2. Awesome job Z! Birdie & Sprout are very impressed!


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