Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish Bento

Friday, March 2 is Dr. Seuss' birthday. So to celebrate, I've been making Seuss-themed bentos. Plus some other bento Mama friends are doing some, and we'll be sharing a Blog Hop for his birthday. So I kinda had to do some too, to not feel like a complete schlub. Even though, from the sneak peeks I've seen already, I should just go crawl into a hole and hide my shame. So check back Friday morning to see all the Seuss-ian food fun!

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
One Fish: Used a skinny fish cutter (no clue where it came from. Possibly my childhood...) to make four fish out of a slice of bread. Stacked them into one tall sandwich with peanut butter and Nutella. Used a pink sugar eye (no longer available in pink.)
Two Fish: Two Rainbow Goldfish crackers on a sea of spinach, sugar snap peas, and broccoli
Red Fish: A Swedish Fish gummy. Same as practically everyone else... :)
Blue Fish: I used a bento soy sauce squeezy fish-shaped container to hold some blue sugar water. She was very excited about her "fish juice."
This One Has a Little Star: I got out the food color pens to make a star on the hard-boiled egg fish. And totally forgot. So you'll have to pretend. Used a hard-boiled egg in my fish-shaped egg/rice mold and Wilton food pens to color it.
Say! What a Lot of Fish There Are!: Greek honey-flavored yogurt mixed with blue raspberry unsweetened Kool-Aid powder. With lots of fishy sprinkles.
...and Some Are Fat. The Fat One Has a Yellow Hat: I found a lemon plum at the grocery and it looked so Seuss-ian, it had to be mine! I decided it kind of looked like a fat fish, so went with it! Used a yellow sugar eye (no longer available in yellow.) Even found a yellow hat pick!

My original plan for this bento was so completely different. I started out doing a Seuss medley, with some fish, the Seuss-looking lemon plum, maybe a Cat hat fruit skewer, a Horton sandwich, etc. Maybe use cotton candy fluffs like Seuss-ian hair... or Lorax trees? I had originally boiled the eggs and used my fish mold specifically to dye blue to be the Blue Fish. But hard-boiled eggs need salt, right? So while digging through my bento supplies for a little box or container for the salt, I found the squeezy fish. So I was thinking I could maybe cut the opening wider and put blue sugar crystals in it... but to put on what? Okay, yogurt. Or maybe make a "juice" out of blue sugar crystals and water? Which I mentioned to Little Z, so then she HAD to have blue fish juice! So now I no longer needed a blue egg fish. Now what to do with it...? And so it evolved into just a One Fish Two Fish bento!
...which had originally been slated for Friday's lunch. Friday, March 2. Dr. Seuss' birthday! We didn't actually need a lunch packed for Friday, since we had no plans. But I wanted to make them to celebrate Dr. Seuss. But she was really keen on eating it "tomorrow today," which means "later today" in how she reckons time. So we ate them for dinner.
She ate over half the yogurt, all the egg white, the snap peas, a few spinach leaves, half the lemon plum (a quarter of a plum, total,) the sandwich, and, of course, the Swedish Fish and blue fish juice. Amazing, especially considering she had polished off an entire apple not too long before.

One Fish, Two Fish... Okay LOTS of Fish!
My dinner: Spinach and lettuce salad w/broccoli, Goldfish crackers, Russian
dressing. 1/2 hard-boiled egg, w/salt apple bits and 1/2 lemon plum
I know I don't normally bother cutesing up my own lunches. But the fishy egg was already made, and I didn't think she'd eat the whole thing. And it was super easy to sprinkle on some Rainbow Goldfish instead of my normal almonds for crunch. I also swapped out my regular raspberry vinaigrette to try the Russian dressing I found in the fridge. Yummo! The Russian-Goldfish combo was a total win!

Packed in our EasyLunchboxes
 hat picks fishcar mold sugar eyes  fish sauce  

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