Friday, March 30, 2012

Hard Days' Lunch(es)

Wednesday, 3/21/12 - While we weren't needing a packed lunch for before school, we had swim class and then an art playdate after, so I wanted to have a snack packed anyway. And since I was already making hers, I made one for myself as well. I ate mine on the way to school, since it was my turn as a "working parent" at the co-op preschool, so I wasn't able to eat during class like I usually do.
Her lunch: Sweet potato chips, PB-Nutella mini pita pocket (from Trader Joe's,) string cheese nibblets, Ranch in the heart container (from Dollar Tree,) sugar snap peas and organic green beans, strawberries

My lunch: Nutella croissant - OMG! SO GOOD! Organic kiwi, organic green beans w/Russian dressing in the Smidget.

Snack Day!
It happened to be my turn for snack at preschool. We brought shredded cheddar and mozzarella mix (my Hubby grated it all for me the night before - thanks, Honey!) and CARS Cinnamon Graham cookies, and strawberries. I sprung for the CARS cookies because they didn't have the Veggie Straws chips, and it's transportation-theme month at school.
The kids ended up eating almost 2 pounds of berries and almost all the cheese shreds I put out (3 little paper boatfuls.) I had some cookies left, but one of the boys didn't want to go out for Large Muscle Group play. "Just one more. Just one more," as he shovelled them into his gob. And then he didn't want to go into the room for good-bye songs. "Just one more." So I told him he could have the rest of the box if he went in for songs. He was ecstatic.
All in all she ate the strawberries and most of the chips and sandwich. Some of the cheese too, I think. And maybe the green beans. I found one under her car seat the next day, so who knows. Plus a bunch of cheese shreds and berries at school. And a few cookies.

Thursday 3/22/12 - Since we needed a packed lunch for between Little Gym and preschool, my husband re-used the box with leftovers from the day before, and added a few items.
Peanut-butter-honey sandwich half, leftover nibblets plus cheese shreds, Cheetos, leftover Ranch, olives (in plastic wrap) and leftover snap peas, strawberries and Circus Animal cookies.
His lunch was much more popular. She ate the sandwich, Cheetos, cookies, and olives. And some of the berries and cheese.


  1. Looks yummy especially the croissant and nutella! I have to give it a try :)

  2. mmm, i haven't had a croissant in such a long time... that looked so good!


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