Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Preschool Snack Attack

My turn for snack at preschool again! Naturally I totally forgot until midnight the night before. At least I saw my reminder note before going to bed! Usually I'm making a panicked trip to the store on the way to school!
While at the grocery a few days before, I had remembered too, so we bought carrots and string cheese. Forgot Pirate Booty or Goldfish though. I made carrot flowers and string cheese nibblets, and brought pretzel knots which I had happened to buy recently on Buy 1 Get 1 Free while picking out pretzel sticks for bento-ing (for sandwich "hair" and sticks for sandwich pops.)  

Times three . One for each table
Since the kids share snack from communal 'boats' in this class, I wanted to put the cheese nibblets into individual paper cups, so they didn't get all grubby from all the little hands. This month's theme at the co-op preschool is vehicles, so it was super lucky that these vehicle cups were at the top of my stash when I did a quick look for something to use.
vehicle cups
I like incorporating bento-style things with the school snacks, to encourage the kids to try something new, eat more, and to make it more fun. When I remember in time to do it, anyway! So I've done cheese shapes, carrot flowers, and paper muffin/bento cups so far. Hope to brave picks soon!

I made 24 cuppies of cheese nibblets for 16 kids and 5 adults (4 parents and the teacher,) and only had 4 left uneaten. I cut 6 carrots, and had maybe 1/3rd of them left. Not bad. Especially considering one child doesn't eat snack. Ever.

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  1. I'd ask the teacher before bringing picks to a class that young. We avoid toothpicks in the pre-K classes at Sunday school and picks are close, right?

    BTW I just saw your ads on the side.
    Do you have any barefoot books? I am looking at some of their Mother Goose right now (Mother Goose Remembers) and would like another opinion!

    also do you sell Pampered Chef?


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