Friday, March 2, 2012

Seuss-tastic Birthday Bento

Even though we have no plans and don't technically need a packed bento lunch today, and despite the fact that she ate today's original lunch (packed last night) for dinner, I decided Dr. Seuss' birthday deserved a special birthday lunch! Packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, of course!

It's Dr. Seuss' birthday!
A wacky, full of mirth day!
I feel a little mental
from packing all these bento
I'm glad it's not the first day
'Cuz my kiddo's gonna burst-day!

Happy Birthday, Doctor Seuss
Sunbutter-honey "cake" w/Biscoff "frosting" and sprinkles,
Birthday Oreo, Horton salt, bean sprouts, star egg,
green cottage cheese "Ooblek," strawberry hearts
We {Heart} Dr. Seuss: Cut the strawberries into hearts, then cut those into halves so they fit better. Was in a hurry since Baby E was awake and screaming, so I didn't have time to make Cat in the Hat kebobs.
For a veggie, I tossed in some bean sprouts. Didn't have time for anything cleverer, and they are the Seuss-iest looking veggie I have, other than broccoli, which she's not eating lately.
Bartholomew and the Ooblek: Green cottage cheese. I had toyed with using lime Kool-Aid powder, but thought it might be too sour. I didn't want to add sugar too, so I just used food coloring. One drop went a long way!
Star-Bellied Sneetches: When I made my hard boiled eggs the other day, I made sure to use my star egg mold as well, just in case I got to squeeze a Sneetch in to one of my lunches! Hooray! To make it more interesting, I drew on extra stars with my Wilton food writers. Eggs are pretty much the only thing they work on, so far. I can't wait to break out the Americolor ones I finally got. I hear they (and the Betty Crocker ones) work great on bread and cheese and such. I'm just afraid I'll ruin the "good ones" somehow if I open the package...
Horton Hears a Who: Found this cute elephant bento sauce container and used a funnel to put some salt in it for her hard boiled egg.
Birthday Cookie: Oreo has a limited edition 100th-anniversary cookie out right now, called Birthday Cake Oreo. The creme filling tastes like cake frosting, and has rainbow speckles in it! Had to include one somehow!
Seussical Cake: I made a Sunbutter and honey sandwich using my Lunch Punch Sweet set. I didn't follow my own advice and used the cutter on the finished sandwich, rather than at least cutting out the top slice first. Sunbutter came oozing out everywhere on top! Part of the problem was that I was using two heels, which is all the bread we had left. The other problem was that I had really glooped on the Sunbutter. Anyhoo, I just flipped the sammie over, so you don't get to see the cute details punched into it from the Lunch Punch.
It looked kind of boring, and as I was trying to think of how I could decorate it without just resorting to candy, Baby E woke up. So I slapped on some Biscoff spread and sprinkles and called it good.
She ate half of her "Ooblek," some bean sprouts, all of the salt (a salt fiend, like her Mama!) and roughly 1/3 of the egg. She inhaled the frosting out of the Oreo in 2.3 seconds, and ate all of her strawberries and sandwich. These Seuss lunches have really been successful, as far as her eating most of her food, and eating a variety of the food groups offered. Suess-tastic!

animal sauce starheart mold      

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  1. Love the 'cake' and the egg turned out so nice, even nicer with the tiny stars :)


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