Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 Bento "Leftovers"

Tuesday, 1/31/12 - Just found this fun little lunch. It's been lost a while...
1/2 PBHoney,  strawberries and mandarin orange segments

Friday, 2/17/12 - This one actually went with her Square Meal lunch, but I didn't post it there since I hadn't wanted to clutter up the product review, but my February Leftovers post had already published! Oops!
My lunch: Spinach and kale salad w/broccoli, blueberries, almonds and
carrot scraps. Apple scraps.
Packed in a divided container from a 38-piece Snapware set we got to replace our mismatched storage container cupboard.

Thursday 2/23/12 - Another lost February lunch. We had Little Gym in the morning, then preschool. Not sure whether I made myself a lunch and forgot to take pics, or if I had planned to eat at home after dropping her off. Either way, no evidence that I got fed!
Carrot flowers and shreds, Special K and Mini Saltines
crackers, cheddar and CoJack cheese squares, ham
and turkey squares, strawberries and blood orange
She ate all the meats and cheeses (cut using the FunBites Cube It! cutter,) and the strawberries. She ate most of the crackers and carrots too, but the blood orange was too creepy for her.

My husband has even started getting into packing his own lunch now! Not only to save money ($7/workday for a fast food or deli lunch is $35 per week. $1,750 per year!) but also for healthier options for watching his weight.
Sadly he won't try my  EasyLunchboxes, but he usually packs a sandwich, salad, or leftovers in single-compartment re-usable containers. But he was not afraid to rock my EasyLunchboxes cooler bag in pink! (He couldn't find my purple one. I really should buy him a more manly color...)

Saturday 3/3/12 - Off to an all-day, all-you-can-eat crab-feed with my dad.While my husband and I could get away with not eating before leaving, it occurred to me as we got into the car that making the 3-year-old delay lunch during a 90-minute car ride would not be the smartest plan ever. So my hubby tossed together a quickie lunch.
Hubby-Packed Bento
1/2 PB Honey sandwich, Thin Mint cookie, "baby" orange,
cheese shreds (and spoon for shreds)
Packing lunch turned out to be a good plan, since it turned out to be a 2-hour trip, and she refused to eat any crab (other than the requisite "no thank you" bites.) The crab was crazy delicious, though. It's amazing the difference that truly fresh-caught can make! I had maybe 2.5 crabs before I was so sick of it that I was hoping the bits would fall off my fork so I wouldn't have to eat it. Hubby went for five. But they didn't even need butter for dipping, which is usually a requirement for me. They were caught fresh either the day before or that morning. And I managed to con my husband into shelling 1.5 of my crabs for me! Omnomnom.
But the drive back turned into a 4-hour ordeal! We had to stop roughly 53,459,941 times. My husband can't drive with someone crying in the back, so we'd stop to calm down the un-calm-downable Little Miss E, and in between had to stop for food and potty breaks for Slightly-Bigger Miss Z.

Most lunches were packed  in our EasyLunchboxes.

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