Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Five - February 2012

Top 5 Posts:

3. You're All Heart bento

Top 5 Referring URLs:
From my link-ups to What's For Lunch Wednesdays
Again with this one! Amazing! I linked up AGES ago. I love to see how many people are interested in eating and packing healthier lunches!
From the Bento of the Week link-up
From a joke I posted on the EasyLunchboxes Facebook page

Top 5 Referring Sites:
2. (What's For Lunch at Our House)
Finally! Google, Facebook, and Networked Blogs aren't in the top 5! In fact, for the first time ever, Google wasn't even in the top 10! And for the first time, Pinterest WAS! (and Lunches Fit For a Kid just eked in at #9!) It's pretty exciting to see people visiting and discovering my blog via other blogs, versus just my Facebook posts and typing in my URL or finding me via random searches on Google.

And as for interesting search results, 6 of the top 10 were about St. Patrick's Day crafts, worded in various ways. Cheap, simple, easy, St. Patrick's, St. Patty's, etc etc. All which found my craft post from last year. Fun!

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