Wednesday, September 11, 2013

101 Creative Ways to Send Pizza to School!

Skip the cafeteria and send your own more EXCITING version on "Pizza Day!"
Well, okay. More like 50. But "101" sounds better.

Whatever your reasons for packing lunches to school, be it financial, lifestyle choices, or dietary restrictions, it can be very hard for kids to watch their friends get to eat school lunch, while they're left "holding the bag." [Har har.] Every mom I've heard from says that the one school menu item that leads to the most begging and whining is the dreaded "Pizza Day."

Even if you send your own slice of leftover pizza, that cold and soggy (or hard and chewy) crust just doesn't compare to the hot slice "everyone else" is eating on Pizza Day. But if you change it up and make it fun, they might not only NOT spend their lunch period staring longingly at their friends' lunches, but might get some envious glares of their own!

Have Them Help!
Let them help make their own mini pizzas to pack for lunch! Pride at doing it themselves is often a huge factor in their enjoyment of a meal. You can also have them help prep or pack their own lunch. That way they feel more like they have a say and can choose options that seem most appealing or exciting to them.

Make Home-Made Pizza Even MORE Fun!
Make the toppings fun! Arrange them to make a face or picture, cut them into shapes, or arrange them to look like something else! And you can always shape your dough or use cookie cutters on pre-made crusts or flatbreads before cooking to have fun and unique pizzas!

It's always fun to make the pizza fit the season, like heart shaped dough or toppings for Valentine's Day Decorate a Christmas tree shaped pizza for the holidays, or a snowman in a set of smaller round pizzas, or just the head. Monster faces are fun for Halloween, as are jack-o-lanterns. 
No matter the theme, you can always use mini cookie cutters or a knife on meats, sliced cheese, or veggies like bell peppers and olives. 
How to make a Christmas pizza! 

Ways to Jazz Up Leftover Pizza:
quick fast healthy easy school work bento lunch lunchbox 
plain pizza bite kabobs from Becoming A Bentoholic,

 skewer sword kebob spring food school work lunch idea healthy quick simple easy bento
or Pizza Skewers with extra toppings and sauce or dressing for dipping!

Cookie cutter pizza shapes from Chaos and Confections and pizza cut into fun shapes from Becoming A Bentoholic.

Traditional Pizzas on Un-Traditional Crusts!
healthy lunch challenge #3 
Pizza Bagels from iPackLunch, Hot dog bun "Pizza Boats" from Keeley McGuire,

English Muffin Mini Pizzas from Eats Amazing, and Naan Bread pizza from Bentobloggy

momables pizza school preschool work bento nut dye gluten free lunchables fast quick easy healthy 
You can use bagels, whole wheat sandwich thins from Bent On Better Lunches,

pizza bento lunch 
cut-up sandwich thins from Zoe's Lunchbox or Goldfish bread thins from Bento For Kidlet,

Bagel Thins from Zoe's Lunch Box,

on English Muffins from Becoming A Bentoholic, or flat-bread from Keitha's Chaos!

Pizza Pockets
You can send the chemical-filled frozen ones, or make your own! I am desperate now to try these with my Pie Pops molds[This post contains affiliate links.]
Whole Grain Pizza Dough and Crescent Roll Dough from Lunches With Love,

 homemade hot pockets
pizza dough from Bento-logy, home-made "Hot Pockets" from Following In My Shoes,

dinner roll dough from Chaos and Confections, or even regular sandwich bread with Becoming A Bentoholic!

Pizza-fy Other Foods!

DIY Pizza On A Stick from More Than Your Average Mom, Pizza Sticks from Zoe's Lunchbox | "Dough-phins & Shark Bites"
Pizza Dough Dippers from Organized Bites, Crescent Roll Pizza Pockets from Bento For Kidlet

Waffle Pizza Dippers 
"Waffle" Pizza Dippers from Family Fresh Meals, Pizza-nini from Bobbi's Bentos

pizza tarts 
Pizza Tarts from iPackLunch, "Pizza-dilla from Healthy Eating Starts at Home,

Pizza Image
Pizza Pie from Family Fresh Meals           Stromboli from The Roxx Box

Pizza Pinwheels from Eats Amazing and Pizza "Sushi"

Gluten-Free and Low-Carb 
(for Diabetics or Special Diets)
Gluten-free Cauliflower Crust Pizza, and gluten-free Chebe Pizza Muffins from Keeley McGuire

Pizza Recipes!
How to grill pizza Tomato Mozzarella Caprese pizza
Whole Wheat Grilled Pizza                        Quick Caprese Pizza  
whole wheat pizza dough Shrimp pizza 2


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