Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctor Who-ey

This past year I finally broke down and tried watching the Doctor Who reboot again, since the whole thing is on Netflix. Hubby and I saw the first few episodes when it first aired with Nine, but I just wasn't that into it then.
I started watching it one afternoon, while the girls watched something fluffy and cartoon-y on Netflix on their computer. Z thought the first few episodes were too scary, and banned me from watching "that show." Even if she wasn't in the room, if she heard the music, she'd come running in and tell me to turn it off. So I'd sneak in an episode or two every night.

Eventually I was able to watch it during the day again (because, quite frankly, some of the episodes were too fricken scary to watch alone at night!) By then we were at Ten, and both girls were HOOKED! You could have had unicorns prancing around the room farting rainbows and they wouldn't even have noticed. They'd fight over my lap and ensure I couldn't get anything useful done while they watched my show.

So no thanks to the crappy bento-hating gluten-free bread, I attempted to make Doctor Who lunches!

Peanut-Butter and TARDIS Sandwich
GF PBJ, organic sugar snap peas and cherries, GF garlic pretzels
Wednesday, 7/3/13 - I've been aching to use the specialty TARDIS cookie cutter I got from Warpzone (DO NOT click the link unless you've got birthday money burning a hole in your pocket. Or a rich aunt died and left you everything. Or Hubby is in the dog house and will have to grin and bear it when the credit card bill arrives...) To make the light on top, I stuck a dye-free candy-coated sunflower seed in the top, but these dot picks would work just as well.
Quick and easy. Well, except for the bread being a jerk. And tiny.

Little E's "Fish Fingers"
GF PBJ, organic raspberries and sugar snap peas, GF garlic pretzels
Really I just grabbed a silicone fish muffin cup out of my cup drawer as a quick and easy way to fancy up E's lunch. But we'll pretend it was part of a master plan to tie it into Big Sister's Doctor Who theme. The sandwiches are kind of cut into fingers, yeah? Get it? Fish. Fingers! 
Or if you prefer, the Christmas Carol episode had flying fish. Either way, it's a tenuous link at best. Good enough!

Tools of the Trade
 Dr Who Tardis Cookie Cutter  

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