Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Family That Lunches Together...

Lunches for the road, for the whole family!
Friday 6/28/13 - Hubby was on vacation between jobs this week, so we were stuck with him we got to do family stuff! We all got to go in for Z's occupational therapy appointment, which was fun. I like watching. Then we went to hang out with my mother-in-law, Nana, who lives an hour North of us. So practically a road trip! Z's therapy sessions were noon to 1pm on Fridays, so we'd need a lunch immediately after. Or else settle for fast food at the only place on the planet with a drive-thru that has gluten-free vegetarian options - Taco Time.

Packed lunches it is!

Z's Lunch
Peanut Butter and Co "Smooth Operator" pack, kale chips, GF Crunchmaster crackers, organic raspberries and peas
I set Z up with a DIY PB cracker sandwiches lunch. The spoon (from Target) is in case she needed a spreader. Need to find reusable "knives" that fit in the EasyLunchboxes!

[I received PBandCo products for free, to use for our lunches. No other compensation was given. 
This post contains affiliate links.]

Lunch for the Podling
GF PBJ bears, GF Jilz crackers, GF Trader Joe's mini savory crackers, organic sugar snap peas and grapes
When I can, I try and make E's lunches cute-ish too, so I used a bear head cutter to make mini sandwiches. She's also more likely to actually eat the bread if I make the sandwiches small. But I threw in some whole-grain crackers for good measure.

Lunch for Mama
Pop'd Kerns, organic grapes, organic salad (lettuce, mixed greens, spinach,
sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, raspberry vinaigrette)
My "dry" toppings (the seeds and such) are in the Mini Dipper, and my dressing is in the Smidget.

Lunch for Dadda
Halfpops, organic grapes, gluten-filled PB-"Daddy's special honey" sandwich (creamed honey)
Hubby's sandwich was on regular bread, since he can't take one for the team and choke down our gluten-free bread. He also has special peanut butter. The girls and I usually have organic no-added-salt-or-sugar peanut butter. But Mr. Pickypants thinks it tastes horrid too. And apparently the local raw honey the girls and I use (helps with pollen allergies!) tastes "funny," so he has his own container of gluten-contaminated creamed honey too.

Taste the Rainbow
I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of our lunches all stacked up together too. So pretty!

Tools of the Trade

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