Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Mac-arrr-oni" and Cheeze - Talk Like A Pirate Day Hop

Today (September 19th) be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! Yarr! So stay the course, ye scallywags, and click on the Pirate Flag below to see more piratical lunches!  Or be prepared to walk the plank!

Lunch for my Pirate Wench
Gluten and dairy-free "Mac-arrr-oni" and cheeze, Hail Merry Lemon Miracle Tart bite,
frozen Wholly Guacamole, organic apples and green and yellow beans 

These lunches evolved completely around the gluten and dairy-free Namaste "Say Cheeze" macaroni I had made - since I was cooking it that morning to pack for lunch, I decided to send it hot for once, in the Lunchbots Thermal container. I didn't need a large box for the rest, so I chose my new purple Lunchbots Uno. Once I decided on the girl silicone baking mold as filler for the small box, since I didn't need to pack much else, the rest clicked into place. Wouldn't it be fun to add a hat pick or ring? Oo! A pirate hat cupcake ring like a Halloween costume...  And since I had my baggie of pirate-themed cupcake toppers out anyway, a pink skull and crossbones cupcake ring and glitter skull and crossbones cupcake pick to keep with the pirate-y theme!

Since I was also going with a girly theme, for a girl pirate (and I hadn't planned ahead for every possible theme when making them,) I popped a few frozen Wholly Guacamole flower shapes into my Lunchbots Dips container (thaws quickly, and retains its shape, unless jostled too much!) And I used a flower veggie cutter to cut a small portion of my left over Hail Merry Lemon Miracle Tart as a fun treat. And to fill space.

I got the cloth pirate girl napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy! Yarrr!

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"Prepare to 'Bee' Boarded, Matey!"
GF DF "Mac-arrr-oni" and cheeze, organic plum and grapes, leftover sauteed zucchini-mushroom-kale mix
Little E got hers in an EasyLunchbox, since I was able to heat up the warm stuff right before we left, then add the cool stuff (fruit) in their handy silicone cups after. Since I don't have any pirate-y utensils, I just grabbed a random small fork. Happened to be a bee one I got at Target's Dollar Spot. Which made for a cute pun, so worth not matching the theme!

Little E also got a pirate face cupcake ring, silver skull and crossbones cupcake ring, and skull and crossbones pick to give her lunch a quick and easy pirate theme as well!

Walk the Plank!

Be sure to check out the next lunch on me ship the Flying Lunchman by clicking the pirate flag below! Yo 
ho! Next lunch ahoy! 

After ye've sailed 'round this hop, hang on to yer sea legs! Click 'ere to board t'next ship fer another hop!

Tools of the Trade
              Red Poppy Napkins


  1. Love your lunches! The girls will be thrilled at lunch time!!

  2. Super cute and clever lunches! Mac-arrrr-oni and cheese is a bit hit in my house anytime! :P

  3. mac-arrrr-oni and cheese! hee hee! <3

  4. Proof that you can make things simple and yet totally adorable. Very cute!

  5. So super adorable and I LOVE that you have 2 tiny princesses to pack for just like me! I really love your pun with the Mac-arrr-oni

  6. Great lunches - they look delicious!

  7. Love all of your pirate bling on the lunches.

  8. Shiver me timbers, mac-arr-oni, yo ho!

  9. So cute! Great lunches and love the pink touches!

  10. gosh...awesome! Love your pirate wench lunchbots!!


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