Saturday, September 21, 2013

Simple Sandwich Skewers for our Anniversary

6/15/13 - Hubby was out of town for our anniversary - 17 years since our first date, and 8 years of marriage. So the girls and I went to his mom's house - Nana's - for the day.

"WHAT?!" you say. Why would I choose to go to my mother-in-law's house? And why would I go without my husband there as a buffer? I'll tell you why! Not only do I enjoy hanging around all my in-laws [it's okay, you can be jealous,] but going to Nana's is as close to a vacation as a Mama ever gets! Nana gets the glasses of water. She makes the food. She mitigates the squabbles. And she insists that she doesn't mind! That she LOVES watching the kids. Good enough for me! Half the time I visit I manage to take a snooze right there in the living room! *Bliss!* Plus I like talking to her and stuff too.

So this was the next best thing to having Hubby home for our anniversary. I got a break from being the responsible party for the day! Anyway, I packed lunches for the ride up, and to snack on while there.

For my Big Girl
organic apples, peas, carrots; GF PBJ bites, The Good Bean Sweet Cinnamon chickpeas
Our wedding had a butterfly theme, to add color, since Hubby picked white as our theme color. I accented with a periwinkle blue, which is why I chose the light blue silicone butterfly cup to hold The Good Bean roasted chickpeas for Z.

I used the FunBites square cutter on some gluten-free bread, then added the spreads as I skewered the bread squares onto the bride and groom stir sticks (with the ends snipped off to fit into the EasyLunchbox.)

[The Good Bean sent me an assortment of their products for free, no strings attached. This post contains affiliate links.]

For the Podling
GF PBJ bites, The Good Bean Cracked Pepper chickpeas; organic apples, blueberries, tomatoes, peas, carrots
Little Sis got pretty much the same lunch, only without all the fancy stuff. She got a silicone star cup for her Good Bean snacks (and she got the pepper flavor, since she's the only one here that likes it.) And instead of the bridge and groom skewers of death, she got some Starbucks drink stopper jobbers skewered through her sandwiches.

Tools of the Trade


  1. Happy Blessed Anniversary!! Love the bride & groom stir sticks!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad you got a little break at Nana's :D


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