Monday, September 30, 2013

MOMables Monday - Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box

For a recent post over at MOMables, I did a Starbucks-style DIY Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box. Only without the wasteful packaging and the $5 price tag! And since their Bistro Box "meals" are really more of a snack, I made an actual lunch-sized version as well, for eating after the photo shoot!

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Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box
As you can see, a nice little snack. Or meal for a little one who doesn't think Brie "tastes like poison." But not gonna save you any money if packed for a larger appetite... since you'd still be hungry, and end up going out and buying something else anyway!

Make It A Meal!
I added more crackers and cheese (Gouda, since Z loooooves Gouda,) added some cashews to the almond-cranberry mix, more apples plus some raspberries, and a side of veggies. Yum!

The girls ended up sharing this as a movie snack tray. And by "sharing" I mean fighting over every last crumb. Except the Brie.* (And no, Little E didn't have any issues choking on the nuts. She loves to carefully nibble and bite and chew them and has had no problems thus far.)

*In the interest of full disclosure, that wedge of Brie got tossed before serving this to the girls. None of us really like Brie, and I happened to still have the wedge from a fruit and cheese box we'd bought at Starbucks one day. Weeks before. Yeah. It was moldy. I didn't want to have to go buy a new hunk of cheese no one was going to eat, so I just carved out most of the moldy bit from the side away from the camera, and washed the rest off for the photos.
Food photography magic! Not as glamorous as it looks! Haha!

Tools of the Trade

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