Monday, September 10, 2012

MOMables Monday - Pizzables

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Out of bread again (still?) so I decided to try something different, and looked in my MOMables recipes for inspiration. I had seen the Pizzable idea on the MOMables blog, but didn't think it would appeal to Z. Mostly because it doesn't appeal to me. I never liked the Lunchables version with the cold cardboard-y crust and the cold slimy sauce. I prefer my pizza cooked. And even with healthier ingredients and softer bread, cold uncooked pizza doesn't strike me as something I'd like (cold leftover pizza, on the other hand...) 
But apparently it's a hugely popular lunch with the kiddos, so I thought I'd give it a try!

Little Z's Pizzable
Strawberries, shredded mozzarella, pizza sauce, fresh basil, whole wheat naan bread, ham flowers, olives
We had a few organic strawberries left, so they were a quick add-in. Hubby had just bought some shredded mozzarella to make pizza with his home-made bread dough, so I just used that, even though I'd usually just grate my own.
He had also apparently thrown out my spaghetti sauce with bok choy puree added for extra nutrients (you can't even taste it! The citric acid in the tomatoes really cuts the green flavor!) So I was stuck using his thin watery pizza sauce. I put some into a Glit and Brillia sauce box and added a mini bento spoon (from Daiso, no longer available.)
Since I didn't have any sandwich rounds, I took a piece of my Trader Joe's whole wheat naan bread, toasted it in the oven on broil for a few minutes (along with the last two slices in the package for me, which I brushed with butter and minced garlic. Midnight feast!) and used a larger flower cutter to cut out three flower-shaped breads.

To continue with the flower theme, I used a mini flower cutter on a slice of ham to add as toppings. Her favorite pizza topping is olives, so I had to put those in too. And even though they don't technically count as a vegetable serving due to their high levels of fat, I'm satisfied that paired with the sauce she had a serving of veggies here.
Basil from my garden (bought a basil plant at Trader Joe's. It's heeee-uge!)

To my shock and amazement, she didn't just eat the olives and cheese first. She ended up gobbling down the ham and sauce, and asked for seconds before we'd left the house, so I made her more. I'm not thrilled with the sodium level in the sauce, but they make a no-salt-added version with only 20mg sodium per 1/4 c, and 3g of sugar that I'm excited to try, since I'm looking for lower salt and sugar alternatives for her ketchup addiction.
She only ate one (or maybe one and a half) bread flowers, two slices of ham (well, as many flowers as I could cut from two slices. I ate the scraps,) the olives, the strawberries, a little bit of the cheese, and two containers of tomato sauce. I'm not sure if she dipped the bread in the sauce, or spread the sauce onto the bread and tried it pizza-style, or just shoveled each ingredient directly into her gob, but I was very pleased with the results.

Mama's Rainbow
Tomatoes, leftover McD apples, plum; red lettuce salad w/blueberries,
yellow crookneck squash, assorted raisins, almonds and nutritional yeast, and dressing
Red tomatoes, raisins and lettuce tips (and technically the raspberry vinaigrette;) orange/yellow tomatoes, apples, squash and raisins; green lettuce; blue/purple blueberries, raisins and plum.

Tomatoes, plum, lettuce, squash and blueberries all came from my organic CSA share. This time I mixed in my dressing first, then added the yeast, so my dressing wasn't too thick to spread. I'm not sure I'm in love with the flavor. Might try soy protein powder instead, or maybe dried soybeans instead of the almonds. But I'm already feeling less dizzy, so clearly my proteins are getting back up! I wonder if they make pre-cooked chicken crumbles... I wouldn't mind that on my salad...

My dressing is in a little container I got from a friend, but I've seen them in 4-packs hanging off the shelves at grocery-type stores. My fork is from Dollar Tree (baby section!) and my dry toppings are in a Tupperware Smidget.

*I totally stole the "MOMables Monday" title from The Keeley McGuire Blog, but she can suck it! kindly gave me permission.

Tools of the Trade (or, Any Monkey Can Do This With the Right Gear!)
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  1. Lol, love it Kendra!
    The flower shaped nann is so so cute! Glad she loved it.
    And you can suck it too - I mean, you're welcome ;) lol

  2. This is truly a great idea that anyone could do. The type of idea that converts more people to bento-ing!

  3. It's only 6:30 on a Saturday and I'm thinking I'm going to make this for lunch today to see if the girls like it. Then I will make it again for school next week if they do. They love lunchables, but I never buy them since I can make them so much better myself! Thanks for the idea, ladies!

  4. Love the flower naan! And I had the same thoughts- cold, uncooked pizza? Yuck, but apparently the kids disagree! But that's just fine w/ me 'cause they are so EASY to make! Thanks for sharing!


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