Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leftover Garlic OmNomNaan Mini Pizza Faces

Friday, 8/3/12 - Hubby's work was taking the afternoon off to go watch the Blue Angels fly over Puget Sound for Seattle's Seafair, and family was invited. He offered to take Z with him all day, so I could go on a little road trip to visit a friend!

Trader Joe's frozen Garlic Naan Bread is hands-down the best store-bought naan I've ever had. It even beats that at most of the restaurants I've been to. (There was one place that has since closed down that we went to a lot while I was pregnant with Z, and they had the best garlic naan in the history of ever. We'd go for their buffet, and they'd just keep bringing me basket after basket! Haven't found anything yet that measures up, but this one is pretty close!)

While we were munching on our garlic naan and I ate my Trader Joe's (frozen) Butter Chicken with Rice (pretty good. A wee bit spicier than I'd like though,) I was trying to plan out her lunch for the next day, to take to work with Dadda, in case she didn't like whatever they were having catered. I recalled seeing naan bread pizza on Bentobloggy before, so I asked Z what she thought of the idea. She loved it. I asked if I could make little circle pizzas with my biscuit cutter on some of the leftover bread and make little smiley faces with olives like I did on her cauliflower crust pizza. Yes. But she wanted OUR faces! Oy!

Leftover Garlic OmNomNaan Mini Pizza Faces
Ingredients: (amounts vary based on how much leftover naan you have to work with)
Pre-made garlic naan leftovers, cooked per package directions
Pizza or spaghetti sauce - amount varies based on how gloopy you like your sauce. I added a little over a teaspoon to each. I like my sauce baked into the crust.
Grated mozzarella
Assorted toppings: grated cheddar, olives, pepperoni or ham cut into facial feature-y shapes, veggies, etc.

Step 1: Cut your bread. You can use a biscuit cutter to make little rounds for faces, or just leave your bread as-is and cut with a rotary cutter into lunchbox-sized slices later.
Step 2:  Add sauce, cheese, and toppings.
I used some of my spaghetti sauce with the Bok Choy puree mixed in for added nutritional punch. Topped in mozzarella. I added cheddar cheese and olives to make the details. Which is why the Mama pizza looks like MY mom! I should have used purple yam shreds for my longer brown hair. Oh well. I was especially pleased with my olive glasses, though.
Left to right: Dadda, Mama, Z, Baby E
(Note the little mustache and goatee on Dadda!)
Step 3: Broil 5 mins until cheese is bubbly

They're the perfect size for lunch!
Leftover Naan Pizzas, strawberries and raspberries (and our last cherry,)
Purple Yam Sweet Potater Tots, ketchup
Naturally, she didn't touch her lunch, not even for breakfast on the way there. Bleah. And refused to eat the faces at all, ever, because they were too special. Urg! So I reheated them for myself. They were soooooo tasty!

Leftover Leftovers!
To reheat pizzas, turn oven to 350 F. Immediately put pizzas in on a baking tray or straight onto the racks, if they're big enough. They should be done a few minutes after oven reaches 350. (This works great for any kind of pizza reheat, by the way.)


  1. This is the CUTEST naan I have ever seen!!! I have tried a lot of naan but nothing at cute and yummy looking!

  2. You may be a mad evil genius. Garlic naan pizza?!?! YUM!!!

  3. These are the cutest! I am going to have to make some! Thanks for linking up to Leftovers on Fridays


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