Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'd Like To Be... Under the Sea...

Wednesday, 6/12/13 - Even though Z was still in school this week, the girls still ate lunch together every day; a little while in the house after Z's bus dropped her off from AM preschool, and then in the car on the way to PM preschool. E was really starting to notice the differences in their lunches, and was responding better to food in shapes. I had time to make cute lunches with the same foods for them both, so I did!

*please note that, yes, the peas would flop all over the place and no longer look like nicely arranged seaweed after being tossed around at school. But I could have easily "glued" them down with some Ranch dressing, or folded up a cloth napkin to help keep them in place. Plus, honestly, the kids don't care. They're so excited about the fish, they don't even notice the peas don't look exactly like seaweed when they're all jumbled up. And the blueberry eye could have been "pinned" in place with a piece of uncooked spaghetti noodle. You'd be amazed how well they hold stuff together!

Besides, we started eating them at home. I was very careful not to toss them around too much walking from the kitchen to the table...

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Z's Fishy Lunch
GF PBJ, organic white cheddar; organic sugar snap peas, strawberries, and blueberries
My large fish cookie cutter was the perfect size for the gluten-free bread - mine came from a super-cheap plastic cutter set from a craft store or something. I stuck a blueberry on for the eye. To keep up the fishy theme, I used a mini fish cutter on some cheese, and included some sea life picks in both girls' lunches (the ones I have are discontinued, but these and these cupcake picks would get the job done, and are pretty cute too.)

E's Dolphin-y Lunch
GF PBJ, organic white cheddar scraps; organic sugar snap peas, strawberries, and blueberries
The gluten-free bread wasn't large enough to use the dolphin cookie cutter (top) twice per slice, so I dug up a thinner vintage plastic dolphin cutter found in a bundle at a thrift store. Ignore all the broken fins. Gluten-free bread hates me - it likes to torture my artistic perfectionism. And it's evil.

Tools of the Trade
  Japanese Bento Accessories Ham Cheese Cookie Cutter Set of 3   


  1. I think they look great! Even if the seaweed isn't perfect come lunch time, the kids appreciate the effort I think. I do like that you said how someone COULD pin down those things if it were really important to them though. Was good tips. :)

    Happy Packing!

  2. The lunches are super cute and colorful, I love them!


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