Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Chomp Stix" Bites

"Chomp Stix" chopsticks bite-sized lunches!
Tuesday, 9/17/13 - I got some fun eating utensils called Chomp Stix from Rush3 Studio that I wanted to try out on the girls, so I made them some little nibbly lunches for easy Chomping!

[Disclaimer: I received two sets of Chomp Stix for free, no strings attached. Any opinions are my own, and I received no other compensation for this post. (Not that I'd turn anything down if offered... Hint hint.) This post contains affiliate links.]

Z's Kindergarten Lunch
bite-sized lunch for chopsticks
Organic apples, sugar snap peas, and carrots; GF PB-honey with cinnamon, Unreal 41 dye-free chocolate candies
Z loves cinnamon, and I still haven't found a sandwich combination that I have liked on gluten-free bread. But I know you want to add extra herbs or spices when converting a recipe to gluten-free, so I decided to try adding cinnamon to the girls' peanut butter-honey sandwiches (local raw honey to help our seasonal allergies!)
After cutting the sandwich, I decided to put the bites into a silicone heart baking mold - this school year I'm trying to include a heart in every lunch for her! I got mine from Daiso.

The pink(ish) "Teri" Chomp Stix was a no-brainer choice for Z. Even though it's the least obvious animal shape. (Swordfish? Pterodactyl? Pelican, apparently.)

ice water in the insulated Funtainer water bottle
My only real complaint is that the Chomp Stix don't fit inside my EasyLunchboxes. But they easily fit on top, inside our insulated bag.

But they're dishwasher safe, which makes up for a lot!

E's Toddler Lunch
GF PB-honey with cinnamon, Unreal 41 dye-free chocolate candies; organic grapes, peas, tomatoes, and carrots 
After selecting the "pink" (red) one for Z, I let E decide between the blue and green. She chose the blue "Chum" Chomp Stix.

Little E was tha-rilled with her "big girl" grape skewers (on some thin cheap poker suite food picks I found at an Asian grocery.) Until she discovered the candies hiding underneath, that is! 
She had a difficult time manipulating the Chomp Stix, and wasn't sure what to do with them once she trapped some food. I think that being semi-reclined in the car seat made it harder to maneuver the long tool. We might have better luck in a free-moving picnic-type situation, or at a kiddie-sized table. Or with an almost-2-year-old who isn't still sized like a 9-month-old! Bah!

You can buy all three Chomp Stix styles on Amazon - and be sure to follow Rush3Studio on Twitter and Facebook!

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