Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frog Princess. Sort Of.

Monday, 6/10/13 - Baby doesn't usually get fun themed food, mostly due to time constraints. So this was a fun treat for the both of us!

Organic string cheese nibblets, GF crackers, GF PBJs; organic strawberries, carrots, and sugar snap peas.
E isn't a fan of the gluten-free bread, and usually just licks off the fillings. But if I make her sandwiches small or thin, sometimes she eats some of the bread. So since I had the fairy tale cutter set out for Big Sister's sandcastle lunch, I made her a wand-shaped sandwich. And there was enough bread left in the scraps to make a mini frog sandwich too.

Since she does like crackers, I tried her out on some whole-grain gluten-free crackers I got as a sample in one of my foodie subscription boxes. And put them in a silicone frog cup, to keep up the theme. Of fairy wands and frogs, apparently. So, my story is, I was going for a Disney's Frog Princess theme. With the two frogs. And a wand for the magic. Totally planned in advance.

(You clever ones will notice that there's a frog fork pick in one photo but not the other. I must have decided to jab one in while taking photos. And I'm too lazy to go find another image with the pick in it. So there you go.)

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  1. I think it's cute! Great job throwing something together for the little one! Did she end up eating the bread even though she doesn't like it?

    1. She ate the wand handle. It was kind of too small to lick off... ;)


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