Thursday, September 26, 2013

BYO Lunches for an Allergy-Friendly Church Picnic!

Not sure if there will be "safe" options at a social gathering? Pack your own!
Friday, 7/19/13 - I had signed Z up for VBS at a church up the street, even though we aren't religious. I'm open to her learning about stuff and making her own choices. Plus being down a kid 3 hours a day for five days for free? SOLD!
On the last day, the church was providing lunch for the families to eat outside on the lawn. I wasn't sure if there would be anything "safe" for us to eat, so I came packing!

Lunch for Z
Leftover potato and sweet potato tots, Enjoy Life gingerbread cookie, leftover GF turkey nuggets,
organic ketchup and Ranch, organic sugar snap peas and cherries
I packed leftover chicken nuggets (gluten-free) made for my BBQ Chicken Shake-Ups post for MOMables. [affiliate links.] Plus some leftover "Mexi-Fries" from Taco Time. They're kind of my go-to for fast food, since (if you don't care about cross-contamination in the fryer oil) they're the only place for quick and easy gluten-free food with vegetarian options that no one hates. So when we go I get large orders of their potato and sweet potato tots and we all share. And the girls like the leftovers, warm or cold!

Toddler Lunch
Leftover GF turkey nuggets, leftover potato and sweet potato tots, Enjoy Life gingerbread cookie,
organic ketchup and Ranch; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, and apples
More leftovers for Little E! I changed up the fruit and veggies a bit, since she likes to eat the cherry pits and stems, and spit out the flesh. So I stopped wasting cherries on her.

Mama Lunch
Organic pluot, Sweet as Sara marshmallows, leftover kale falafels, organic salad (butter lettuce,
heirloom cherry tomatoes, sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, raspberry vinaigrette) 
I'd heard great things about the Sweet As Sara marshmallows, so when I found some at a vegan grocery store when I was down in Portland, I snapped them up! Vegan (no eggs or gelatin) and dye-free too! (Yup. Most "white" marshmallows have fake Blue in them! Whaaaaat?!)

Picnicking made easy with EasyLunchboxes!

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