Thursday, May 9, 2013

Breakfasts-To-Go for Mama and Baby

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On Wednesdays, Baby and I go to a co-op preschool class (they have classes for birth through 5.) It's a nut-free facility, and we have peanut and tree-nut allergies in the class, so I have to be extra diligent about packing not only nut-free foods, but also nut-free facility foods in Baby E's boxes, since the babies tend to share with each other or cadge food off of unthinking mommies.

Luckily, her food is the one thing she's aggressive about. She might want a toy, or want to go somewhere, but will easily give over if I say no or if another child gets there first. But they so much as LOOK at her food and she starts making sounds and waving her arms at them and tries to put the lid back on. Hahaha!
I also try to be diligent about not sharing our food and covering it when kids come by. Not because I'm worried, so much as hungry! Plus I'm one of those moms, who brings in her coughing or snotty-nosed kid. And we generally don't get to eat much of class snack, as it usually includes some kind of baked (ie: gluten) food. So I want to make sure Baby's "snack" breakfast goes unmolested.

Wednesday, 3/27/13 - 
Baby's Breakfast
SunButter, organic apples, mandarin, grape halves, organic peas, brown rice and quinoa mix, organic yogurt
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SunButter is made in a dedicated nut-free facility. Stonyfield products and facility are nut-free, but they can not guarantee that all their vendors supply ingredients from nut-free facilities.

Mama's Breakfast. Apparently Baby's Too...
SunButter on brown rice cake with dried "super fruit" antioxidant mix from NatureBox,
mandarins, organic Greek yogurt w/local raw honey
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I was very excited about this breakfast, since I usually pack more lunchy items, because I have an abundance of veggies needing to get used up. So naturally Baby had to go and lick off all the NatureBox dried fruit and SunButter from my rice cakes! At least I got to eat my yogurt in peace...

I buy local raw honey at the organic farm we get our weekly crop share at. I can feel good knowing it doesn't have carcinogens, like the Chinese honey that gets snuck through legitimate channel and ends up in the grocery stores. Plus the bees use local pollens, so eating local raw honey helps prevent my (and Z's) allergic seasonal reactions to those. Woot!

You can check out a pic I took of Baby nomming on MY breakfast here, on Instagram (follow me on your phone app - @LudicrousMama!)

Wednesday, 4/3/13 -
Mama's Breakfast
Wholly Guacamole, toasted Udi's GF bagel w/low-fat cream cheese and garlic powder,
organic blood orange, organic cucumbers, carrots, and Chioggia beets, Chobani Bite yogurt
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Udi's bread products are made in nut-free facilities (their granola is not nut-free however, I discovered to my dismay after buying some specifically to be able to send with yogurt to our nut-free schools. Doh!) Chobani products are nut-free and made in nut-free facilities. Wholly Guacamole is free of the Top 8 Allergens, but I'm not sure about their facilities.

Baby's Breakfast... and Lunch and Snack...
Mandarin, brown rice cake w/Sunbutter, chopped raisins, and hemp hearts;
organic cottage cheese, organic frozen peas, uncured ham scraps
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Because my rice cake had been such a big hit the week before, I packed her her own. My raisins were somewhat large, so I cut them into smaller bits to make it easier for her to eat. No worries. She licked each one off then plunked them into my box. *sigh*

Baby was hard at work eating her breakfast, and managed to smear SunButter on pretty much everything at preschool.

Apparently some dairy companies put nut and fish oils in their products to source the vitamins. Wow! Something to watch out for! But foods like cottage cheese are easy to protect from the little food zombies. It's the easily-picked-up things I need to worry about!

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  1. Tasty looking breakfasts! I adore that she protects her food like that! So cute!

  2. Slight correction there. MOST Chobani products are nut-free. Their FLIPS are manufactured in a different factory, and a few of the flavors do have tree nuts. So, even the nut-free flavors (like raspberry vanilla chocolate chunk and honey bee nana) may have nuts. I actually asked them about the addition of nut-flavors, and they assured me that the flips are made in a separate factory, so their regular cups, bites, and Champions products are still nut-free.


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