Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beach Baby - Tropical PBJ

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Sandwich Kebabs - Tropical Style!
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Thursday, 4/18/13 - This was a fun lunch for Baby E, made quick and easy with FunBites and EasyLunchboxes!

FunBites PBJ Kebabs
Cheddar, GF PBJ, organic sugar snap peas and green beans, organic apples
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E isn't good with uncooked veggies yet, other than small stuff like peas and corn, or the sugar snap peas. So I cut some green beans very small in the hopes that she'd be able to eat them a little easier. Results are uncertain, since she ended up dumping most of them on the floor.

For this lunch I used my FunBites Cube It! on a slice of cheese and a slice of gluten-free bread. You can assemble the sandwich first, and then cut (works best if you keep the top slice off and cut it seperately first, then move it to the top of the sandwich and cut the rest of the way through) but then the cutter gets all smeary. So I added the fillings after, and just had to do a quick rinse with a little soap to wash off the cheese oil.
Plus this way I could add PB and jelly between each "slice." Baby hasn't been liking the switch to gluten-free bread, but will eat it sometimes if it has enough peanut butter or jelly on it, and is in little bite-sized pieces. Otherwise she just uses her fingers to scrape off the fillings and eat them separately.

I stacked most of the bread-peanut butter-jelly squares on a palm tree drink stirrer (found at Dollar Tree,) and had only 3 left over. Which turned out to be the perfect amount for a flamingo swizzle stick (also Dollar Tree,) since most of the stick is flamingo legs. I had to snap the knob off the end, and filed it down a bit with an emory board so it wouldn't be too sharp.

Baby loves skewers since they're clearly "big girl" food, and she sees Big Sis getting them, plus they're more interactive, since she has to pull the bits off, rather than just pick them up. My plan worked though. She ended up eating most of the bread squares.

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