Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preschool Day Breakfasts and Lunch for Baby and Mama

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Wednesday, 3/6/13 - Wednesdays Baby and I go to a co-op preschool class, so I like to pack our "breakfast" the night before and bring it to eat at school. I try and pack Baby E enough food to nibble on through lunchtime/early afternoon, but I pack myself a breakfast and a lunch.

Mama's Breakfast
Hummus, Wholly Guacamole; organic broccoli, carrots, and beets;
Udi's GF Cinnamon Raisin toast, organic apples and grape
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Yes. Just one grape. I don't remember why I randomly had one left...

Baby's Breakfast (and Lunch... and Afternoon Snack...)
GF Honest O's, cheddar scraps and string cheese nibblets, hummus, Udi's GF Cinnamon Raisin toast, organic cherry tomatoes, organic kiwi, mandarin orange, Chobani Cherry Greek yogurt
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I got some Chobani cherry Greek yogurt at half-off the sale price due to being short-dated, so I fed it to the kids as quickly as I could. Here I packed some in a Kids Konserve water-tight container to feed her at preschool. I packed a second spoon for the hummus, since she likes to eat it "straight up," and I didn't want her going back and forth between the hummus and yogurt with the same spoon, since I had planned on eating the yogurt after she lost interest.

Mama's Lunch
Lettuce w/mixed greens, golden and Chiogga beet scraps, carrot scraps, strawberries, broccoli, sunflower seeds (all organic,) hemp hearts, raisins, and Raspberry Vinaigrette. Hard boiled egg (salted,) mandarin, organic kiwi
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One carrot scrap cut with a flower veggie cutter left intact, but the rest of the veggie scraps were chopped up and mixed into the salad. The dry add-ins are in the Mini Dipper, and 1 Tbsp dressing in the Smidget.

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  1. Your 1 grape cracked me up!! These meals are so colorful and look awesome. The salad is incredible!

  2. way to plan ahead! those meals make me hungry :D


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