Monday, May 13, 2013

MOMables Monday - Simple Tuna and Crackers

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As always when I'm stumped for ideas or need to use up a specific ingredient fast, I turn to my weekly MOMables menu plans for inspiration! Most people use them to plan out their weekly lunches, and even a few dinner ideas, with shopping lists and recipes and everything. But I'm not even organized enough for THAT! Ha! So I just save my menu files and go through them when I need ideas.
Right now you can get 30% off your first three months, and/or 25% off the 8-week gluten (and nut)-free menu! (I did both - I got the gluten-free menu plan, plus I subscribe to the regular service.)

Z's lunch is in an EasyLunchboxes with a Bright lid, and Baby's has the Classic lid. We only have one set of the new Brights, and since Baby and I don't really have a color preference, and Z likes the Brights, we let her have them all. For now.
Cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy. I packed it flat in the large compartment and it kept the crackers and pea pods in their respective places.
Z's Lunch
Leftover GF cake, organic sugar snap peas, Crunchmaster and Van's GF crackers,
tuna w/mayo, organic apples w/raspberries
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I only had a small sample packet of the Crunchmaster Multi-Grain gluten-free crackers from one of my monthly foodie subscription boxes, so I filled in with some Van's gluten-free crackers. These ones look like their "Say Cheese" flavor.
Z likes to put the tuna on the crackers herself (which is good, as they'd probably get soggy by lunch otherwise,) so I included both a spork and a little color-changing stir-stick thing that came with some Trix (naturally flavored and colored) yogurt. She likes pressing the stir stick to the ice pack to change the color, then warming it back up in her hand. And if it didn't work for the tuna, she always had the spork to fall back on. And eat the cake with...

There is a local gluten-free bakery we like to go to on Fridays after Z's occupational therapy appointment. They use artificial colors and flavors though, so our selection there is somewhat limited.
Z happened to spy a slice of chocolate cake with raspberry filling that the owner said would be safe for us, so she got that while Baby and I ate our usual frosted gingerbread cookie (Helloooo! Deeelish!) Z couldn't finish it all, and I dislike fruit filling, so we parsed it out as a treat the next few days.

Baby's Lunch
GF bread w/PB, organic sugar snap peas and raspberries, leftover GF teriyaki chicken w/brown rice
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There is a teriyaki place that uses gluten-free sauce right next door to the gluten-free bakery, so I like to go there for lunch before we get our bakery treat. We don't usually have any left over, but these lunches were from back in March, when we first discovered those stores. This was from our first time there, and Z didn't like the sauce, so I had to order a whole second dish for her, with no sauce. And Baby and I couldn't finish my adult portion plus most of Z's adult portion. Now I just ask for sauce on the side!

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     Red Poppy Napkins


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