Thursday, May 30, 2013

Out to Lunch! Mama and Baby Lunch Date

Monday, 4/22/13 - Baby E and I were off to stock up on supplies for our Earth Day activi-tea (tea-hee!) and so I made sure we had lunches with us, since we'd either need to eat in the Wal-Mart parking lot or at preschool, waiting for Z to get out.

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Baby E's Lunch
Plum Kids Shredz, GF PBJ, cheese, organic tomatoes and strawberries, leftover mish-mash (not shown: dressing)
I won the Plum Kids Organics Fruit and Veggie Shredz (Rooty Blues flavor here) along with an assortment of their snacks and pouches in a Plum Organics giveaway. These were actually left over from Z's afternoon preschool snack.

Just for fun, I cut some cheese with a flower veggie cutter. She's starting to appreciate when I put a little effort into making her lunch fancy too. Darn it.

The leftover mish-mash is an assortment of stuff from the salad bar at the natural market we'd gone to the day before. It has quinoa, edamame, peas, hard-boiled egg, carrot shreds, and some balsamic marinated tofu cubes.

Mama's Lunch Baby's Second Lunch
Organic tomatoes, sweet peppers and green beans, organic hummus; organic salad mix
with red lettuce, cabbage, green and purple broccoli, radicchio, strawberries, carrots, and
 red, golden and Chioggia beets. (Not shown: hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, raspberry vinaigrette)
My standard salad-y lunch with sides, made fancy with some flower veggie cutters.

My naughty little snarfer had a perfectly good lunch of her own, but decided she wanted MINE as well! She ate most of my hummus and gnawed on all my veggies. You can see her eating MY lunch below, along the right column of photos. (I had my good camera with me, so took advantage of the great light to get some nice shots of my wee one!)
She also licked much of my salad. Wench!
*Please note that we were parked and eating our lunches together in the back seat (you can see the corner of my lunch in one of the shots above.)

...I didn't let her eat unattended in the back seat while I drove... until after.

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  1. Gorgeous lunches for both of you! We had our lunch in our EasyLunchBoxes in the car outside of Speech on Tuesday!


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