Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 1

Monday, April 29 through Thursday, May 2, 2013
It was "Spirit Week" at school, and they had a different theme for each day. Not that I bothered, mostly.

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The Good Bean salted roasted chickpeas, organic apples
I got some roasted chickpeas from The Good Bean in one of my foodie boxes, and Z thinks they're corn nuts and loves them. Scooore! I put some in a Mini Dipper to keep them air-tight and crunchy.

The Good Bean salted roasted chickpeas, organic apples, pomegranate arils
The snack parent had brought foods that were safe for Z the day before, so she hadn't eaten any of her snack from home, so I put the Mini Dipper of chickpeas back in along with a few of the apple slices. I added some pomegranate seeds to make it more exciting.

She still hardly touched her snack. I ended up eating the chickpeas later that week during a migraine to try and stave off the stomach upset from my pain meds, because they were the first thing I found that was easy. Baby ended up overpowering me and taking some, and surprisingly did okay with them, so she got some in other lunches later.

Chobani Champions tube, Wholly Guacamole, Van's GF Crackers
I froze a Chobani Champions yogurt tube the night before, so it kept itself cold the 90-ish minutes until snack time. Some Wholly Guacamole in the Mini Dipper, and gluten-free crackers for dipping. Packed in a strawberry box.

Pomegranate arils, chocolate macaron (naturally GF,) organic carrot coins, Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries"
It was Sports Day at preschool, so I included some carrot coin "balls" in a baseball Easter egg. It was the only day I bothered doing anything linked to the day's theme.

The macaron came from the Trader Joe's frozen section. They're pretty tasty, but are made from almond flour. Oops. Have to remember not to send those again! That's my first slip-up of the year at her nut-free school! 

I put the pomegranate seeds in a Mini Dipper so they wouldn't make the macaron and Snikiddy "Fries" get soggy.

Packed in a Hello Kitty bento box I got at the Sanrio store with a 20% off entire purchase coupon I got through either Amazon or Groupon deals. Woop!

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