Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013 - Preschool Snacks, Week 3 (and 2)

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Week 2 (4/8-4/11) was Spring break, so no need for preschool snacks!
Monday, 4/15/13 through Thursday, 4/18/13

The Good Bean roasted chickpeas with sea salt, kale chips, organic apples
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The Good Bean roasted chickpeas snack came from one of my foodie subscription boxes. The kale chips were home-made.

I combined three different 2-tier bento boxes to create three tri-colored boxes by mixing and matching the different parts. This should work with any like-size boxes from the same company! Fun!

Snonyfield Organic yogurt tube, organic multigrain GF sea salt tortilla chips, mango salsa
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 The Late July Sea Salt chips came in my February Foodie Penpals box. They were a big hit, and went pretty fast once Hubby opened his mango salsa. (I got salsa in my penpals box too, but was waiting to open it until we were going to actually eat it. Then Hubby came home with his salsa. bah!) I packed the salsa in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper.

This snack was packed in a Paperchase box sent to me from England.

Plum Organics Kids Fruit Shredz, seaweed snack, NatureBox Kettle Corn Nuts
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I won an assortment of Plum Organics Kids snacks, and so tried Z out on some Fruit and Veggie Shredz  "Rooty Blues" fruit-leather-type snack. The seaweed snack is dried seaweed from Trader Joe's and the corn nut-looking things are sweet and salty Kettle Corn Nuts from the March NatureBox. I think. Or February...

Packed in a small kitty snack box.

GF corn chips, freeze dried orange slices
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Both the corn chips and freeze dried orange slices came from Trader Joe's. And both are deeeelicious!

I kept the small Elephant and Piggie boxes together with a strap made using some kind of mini rubber band weaving kit by Rachel from Rachel's Random Ramblings. It was a nice surprise gift!
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  1. Some great ideas here, I think it might be time to make me some more Kale Chips!


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