Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preschool Snacks - April 2013, Week 4

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Monday, 4/22/13 through Wednesday, 4/24/13
No snack on Thursday because Z had a dentist appointment and had to miss school.
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GF tortilla chips, organic sugar snap peas, antioxidant dried fruit blend
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The dried fruit mix is in a Fred and Friends Aristocakes crown cup. They're too tall for most things, and I still had to fold the top a little to fit it in.

Kale chips, frozen Stonyfield YoKids tube
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Little Z had a field trip to a nearby windmill garden place with her class. Siblings aren't allowed, so I didn't get to go with. If the weather was nice, the kids would be eating snack there, so I sent a disposable "box" so the teachers or chaperones wouldn't have to keep track of and return my reusable box.
I didn't have any of those small raspberry pint boxes, and my 1-lb strawberry clamshells were too big, so I used a thin little clamshell that had contained organic cilantro bought from Trader Joes.

I froze the yogurt tube in the box the night before, so it would be the right shape to fit. I used a paper towel to separate the kale chips from the yogurt tube to help protect them from the moisture of the tube "sweating." And the yogurt would either thaw by snack time, or be thawed enough to enjoy as frozen yogurt.

For the outside of the container, I just cut out a piece of scrap paper and "taped" it on with stickers. I wrote her name on it before sending it with her. The clamshell closed nice and securely, so I didn't bother with a rubberband to help it stay closed. But Z knows to wear the rubber bands home as bracelets so we can use them again!

GF Wellaby's Cheese-Ups, GF frosted corn flakes, kale chips 
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Served in a Rilakkuma nesting box.

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