Friday, May 24, 2013

Under-the-Sea Princess Merida

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Thursday, 4/18/13 - I made this lunch for Little Z with no plan in mind. It just kind of evolved as it went. Since I had the green "seaweed" kale chips and green beans, I decided to make a sea princess. Not a mermaid though. Too much work. This was a fast one! 
I even made sure to grab a blueberry Chobani tube, for "water."
GF PBJ w/cheese details, Chobani Champions yogurt tube; organic green beans, raspberries, and kale chips
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For the body, I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter (yes, the man, not the girl. The skirt is a pain to cut free-hand and I didn't want to have to wash the cutter just for the skirt, since I cut the bread before adding fillings, so it stays clean.)
I made a crown and skirt out of cheddar with cutters from a dress-up-bunny rice mold set. I'm not sure what cutter I used for the mouth, but probably something from my face cutter set.

I used peanut butter to glue everything on (cheese and PB actually taste better together than you'd think!) and "painted" on a shirt to cover with India Tree Nature's Colors blue sanding sugar.
Two India Tree Nature's Colors green sprinkle jimmies stuck in endwise made nice eyes, even though they're hard to see. And for hair, I glued on some orange dye-free chocolate covered sunflower seeds (I got mine at Trader Joe's. Nice assortment of colors!)
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To go along with the sea theme, I made Baby a tropical skewers lunch. But when Z got home, she was all excited about her "Brave" lunch! (She refuses to call the character "Merida." Her name is "Brave," apparently!) She said it HAD to be Brave because of the "cwown" and orange hair, and blue dwess, and her bow and arrows (the green beans.) Plus the rasp"bear"ries for her bear brothers. (I love how she understands puns. Pun-derstanding!)
I can see it. Either way, I'm glad she liked it!

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