Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunny Breakfasts

Wednesday, 4/17/13 - Baby and I bring breakfast to our nut-free co-op preschool to eat instead of whatever gluten-y and possibly artificial ingredient-y snacks brought by snack parent. Plus we don't usually have time to eat first...
Breakfast for Mama
Organic purple broccoli, mini tomatoes, sweet peppers; GF Udi's bagel w/organic cream cheese,
organic hummus, GF pretzel sticks, Chobani Bite yogurt (pictured above)
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I have been loving the purple broccoli I got in my CSA share at the organic farm we go to each week. I hadn't known it even existed before! And it's fun to see the looks I get when people see it!

I'm not a fan of peppers, but I can eat mini sweet peppers without gagging, so I get them periodically to see if my kids will eat them. Nope. So I'm stuck with them. I prefer them with Ranch dressing, but hummus will do. The gluten-free Snyder's Pretzel Sticks are my "reward." I don't like hummus much either...

And a Chobani Bite Coffee with Chocolate Chunk. Because, darn it, I'm worth it! (Plus it's only 100 calories and made of delicious.)

Breakfast for Baby
Organic raspberries and apples, uncured ham, GF Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries;" organic tomatoes, purple broccoli, and snap peas, organic white/brown rice and quinoa mix w/shredded cheese, Chobani Champions yogurt tube (top photo)
Baby E hadn't been growing on target (not even a pound between 12 and 15-months,) so at this point we're feeding her anything she'll eat, while trying to steer her towards healthier options. She had been really into apples around this time, so I gave her extra in the hopes that she'd eat them, and maybe nibble the veggies. I piled all the fruit into an orange silicone divider cup (everyone always asks where to get these. They come in packs of three. Click my affiliate link here or below to go right to them! They come in other colors too!)

The small bamboo spoon (mine came from Pampered Chef) was for her grains and cheese mix. Gluten-free store-bought foods tend to either taste like cardboard, have little-to-no fiber, and/or are mostly white rice and starches to make them yummy. So I shore up our whole grains with a rice and quinoa mix I cook in large batches once a week. (It is 1:1:2 ratio of white rice, brown rice, and quinoa (white, red, or multicolored, whatever I feel like at the time,) before being cooked. I bought organic white rice on accident, so I'm slowly using it up.) The girls love it with melted cheese, so I was hoping that Baby would eat it, even though it was cold. She is inconsistent about eating cold cooked foods.

I also included some mini butterfly cutter ham (and possibly turkey... can't tell) leftover from our butterfly lunches earlier that week.

Tools of the Trade

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