Monday, May 6, 2013

MOMables Monday - Cracker Stackers! Again. Because We Love Them!

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As always when I'm stumped for ideas or need to use up a specific ingredient fast, I turn to my weekly MOMables menu plans for inspiration! Most people use them to plan out their weekly lunches, and even a few dinner ideas, with shopping lists and recipes and everything. But I'm not even organized enough for THAT! Ha! So I just save my menu files and go through them when I need ideas.
Right now you can get 30% off your first three months, and/or 25% off the 8-week gluten (and nut)-free menu! (I did both - I got the gluten-free menu plan, plus I subscribe to the regular service.)

Z's All-Star Cracker Stackers
uncured ham, cheddar, Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries" chips, Van's GF crackers, frozen organic peas, organic strawberries
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I cut some uncured ham and cheddar cheese using my FunBites Cube It cutter - it makes them the perfect size for the Van's gluten free crackers. And into the silicone star cups they went, to keep them separated. I put some Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries" chips in a round muffin cup, mostly to fill that empty space.

Baby's Lunch
Van's GF crackers and Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries" chips, Laughing Cow cheese spread, ham scraps,
shredded cheese, organic raspberries, frozen organic peas, rice and quinoa mix
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Baby really enjoyed dipping her Van's gluten-free "everything" flavored crackers into the soft Laughing Cow cheese spread. And she loved it when I spread some on her crackers for her as well. 

I put the cheese shreds into a triangle muffin cup because I don't use those as often, so I'm not running out of the ones I might need for a theme in Z's lunches. We have quite the backlog of dirty muffin cups, now that there are three of us vying for the same resources almost every day!

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