Friday, May 17, 2013

The Three Little Pig...Nigiris

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Wednesday, 4/17/13 - For what I had envisioned, my green yubo box was perfect for this lunch. I used the two small round containers that came with it, and two medium oval containers to go with.

This lunch took far more effort than it was worth and kept me up into the wee (wee wee) hours. I don't even like how it turned out. Oh well. She ate it.

Three Little Piggies
Brown and white rice, with quinoa onigiri filled with cheese shreds; organic sugar snap peas, cheese shreds,
Snyder's GF pretzel sticks; organic spinach, purple broccoli, carrot, and strawberries; GF tamari sauce
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Straw: Cheese shreds. Not very original, but they were easy!

Sticks: Gluten-free Snyder's pretzels! Yum! They're a lot crunchier than regular stick pretzels, but just as tasty.

Bricks: I used a mini house cutter on a large carrot slab and then used a knife to score bricks and roof in. Meh. I added a purple broccoli tree for perspective, and spinach leaves underneath in the hopes that she'd eat it (nope.)

Big Bad Bear Wolf: I didn't have anything wolf-y, so I figured this bear sauce bottle could do the trick.
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Three Little Pigs: I keep a batch of pre-cooked rice/quinoa mix in baggies in the fridge and freezer so I always have some on-hand. I was pleased at how well my pig balls held up. I made them the normal way. Put some rice on a piece of cling wrap, put some cheese on top, more rice on that, and wrapped it all in the plastic and shaped and squeezed it together.

I cut the snoots out of ham with an 'O' from an alphabet cutter set and used a small straw to poke nostrils. The ears are ham too, and I forget whether I used a cutter or just made little triangley shapes. I stuck them on with bits of uncooked spaghetti noodle (gluten-free,) and did a craptastic job. Oh well.

I used some nori punchers for the eyes (and this one for the smiley eyes.) I tried letting the moistness of the rice stick the nori on, but no go. I tried a bit of water, but then the pieces warped and stuck to me instead. They ended up just staying on by a lick and a wish, and then stuck to the lid of the compartment and came off when she opened it. *sigh*
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Z of course thought the theme was The Three Bears, because of the bear sauce bottle. Even after I explained the straw, sticks, and (sort of) bricks, she still thought they were bears. *sigh*

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  1. Those are super cute piggies and I love the entire lunch!

  2. This is cute! I love the teeny little house! And the big bad bear!

  3. Look at it this day - if you ever want to do a three bears lunch, you have a starting point ;)


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