Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vegan Mama Lunch with Superfood Snacks Energy Nuggets

Vegan "Superfood" Mama Lunch
Golden beet, grapes, multi-grain tortilla chips, guacamole; rosemary roll with
soy cheese, lettuce, tomato and guacamole; Chocolate Cherry Qi Energy Bites
"Superfoods" are foods with higher concentrations of essential nutrients.

You may have heard that eating chocolate has health benefits. But that doesn't really apply to the over-processed and sugar-packed commercial chocolate bar. Raw chocolate (or cacao) however, retains all the natural antioxidants and minerals without diluting them with all the junk. Paired with other superfoods like goji berries, coconut, chia seeds, and brazil nuts, a little chocolatey treat can pack quite a healthy wallop!

Superfoods Snacks Energy Bites combines a whole bunch of raw superfoods into nutrient-rich little bites! They are naturally sweetened with dates and agave nectar (actual agave nectar [48-49% fructose,] and not the fructose syrup [55-90% fructose] made from other parts of the agave plant and fobbed off as "agave nectar" to the unsuspecting public.)

They currently offer four flavors - Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy, Chocolate Goji Treats, Chocolate Cherry Qi, and Green Chocolate Dream (not shown.)

Superfoods Snacks Energy Bites are organic, vegan, use fair-trade non-GMO ingredients, and they even come in biodegradable compostable packaging! 

I chose the Chocolate Cherry Qi for my lunch because they are nut-free. But I may have sampled the other two flavors I received while I packed it. *Urp*
Were they yummier than candy bars? No. But definitely as yummy or yummier than commercial protein or energy bars. With far healthier ingredients!

*Disclaimer - I received these three flavors to try and review. Omnomnom.


  1. LOOOOVE the new look on here girl :) Oh, and those energy bites looks super YUM!

  2. Yummy VEGAN treats too! I adore your new website design :)


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